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    What are you drinking?

    Hey, I haven't been hear for awhile. Glad this thread is still going- I'm still going. But that's debatable.
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    Most Hideous Day I've Had

    Sorry for your loss Black Swan, it's hard to loose a pet.
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    gregor and slimedog's Guide to Bartending and Mixology

    I think that is quite the lovely poem.
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    Most Hideous Day I've Had

    Well, lo and behold, I stapled my penis to a tree again today, obviously the stapler is doing fine, but it was with two staples not three today so I guess things are looking up (insert smiley face here).
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    FUTURE POETRY! sublime or ridiculous - you decide...

    It's similiar to what I'm doing as I'm inducing rats to vomit on a piece of paper and trying to sort out words into a poem.
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    Most Hideous Day I've Had

    Well today I stapled gunned my penis to a tree but all n all I'd say it was average. And by the way that was by accident not intent.
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    I go chop your dollar

    Yeah, all kidding aside, I still can't figure it out but take justine's amd everyone else's advice.
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    I go chop your dollar

    Hey we do know what we're doing so save all your snide remarks because we are getting the piano out of here.
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    Are we not fucked?

    This is correct-in the late seventies early eighties living in Boston we had little idea of what was going on in the west coast. In example I had read a lot about the Screamers(LA) but only heard them about a year ago from youtube. But all the magic and mystique is gone for good and it's time...
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    What are you listening to? The world needs to know.

    I really like PJ and her dress is okay, why do I get blamed for all that is wrong in the world?
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    What are you drinking?

    I'm sorry, let me sooth your feet with some kisses. We were in Boston at a rock club called the Church, you're welcome to come by. Gregormilligan was there sipping a cherry coke. I was having greyhounds and bud light.
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    What are you drinking?

    It was with a mate, my dear beloved Lolita, that's a friend in British Isles way. With a lad named Andy Slimedog.
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    What are you drinking?

    Sorry about your grandfather, Gregor, going to the pub with a mate tonight myself. And don't put any demoral in your cherry coke like some lady poster here would.
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    west of rome by fante

    I still can't figure out why Jordan doesn't like this book.
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    Oh, my dear friends.

    Eh, it's in the early part of the thread my dove. (we're supposed to make it look like we're not on drugs anymore)