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    Why did Bukowski marry?

    Shakin' it here, boss.
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    Paranormal Encounter in Ham on Rye

    About the only way to avoid that ambiguity in writing is to use "one" instead of "you", however these days that tends to sound like Queen Elizabeth speaking (about one's corgis :p )
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    RIP Les Paul

    Heard today that he still had a regular weekly gig until quite recently. Now that's a career.
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    "Factotum" murder chapter

    I read that chapter as either a dream or a latent desire. Bear in mind that Chinaski is Buk's fictional alter ego, so Buk can have Chinaski think and do anything that suits his whim.
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    Bukowski and Henry Miller

    Nice observations there Dogbreath. As I recall, Chinaski is reading Tropic of Capricon in Factotum. Methinks it's about time I read it, too.
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    The Singing Detective

    I'm a huge Potter fan; have been since I saw The Mayor of Casterbridge and Pennies from Heaven. I think Singing Detective is his masterpiece. I had no idea what he was doing with Blackeyes and I was glad to hear him say in his final interview that he'd overstepped the mark on that.
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    Barfly on DVD!!!

    No special features on my copy, unless you consider theatrical trailer and photo gallery as special.
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    Happy Birthday strangegirl

    Many happy returns! :)
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    Oh my...there goes $239.99 (Beatles mono box)

    I don't care if I never hear that song again. It was played to death here at the time and eventually spoofed with: "Mulligan's tyres, the tread's on the insides ..." No problem with the rest of that set list.
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    Oh my...there goes $239.99 (Beatles mono box)

    Yep, re phony/extreme stereo - makes me long for the old stereo/mono button.
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    Ignus Fatuus

    aka: will-o'-the-wisp
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    Oh my...there goes $239.99 (Beatles mono box)

    Whisper words of wisdom, let it bleed.
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    I was thinking George Costanza with more hair and a tache.
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    Yeah, this is much better: :p
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    I saw this flick at the cinema. It was unintentional as we were running late and missed the planned movie. I was quite impressed with it and I was even more impressed that Cruise suppressed his tendency to overact and to yell in shrill voice. There were one or two instances of dramatic licence...