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    Bukowski music-project

    once I get my computer at home to start working again I'll be sure to give these a listen, I can't really use the speakers at work so I'll keep this in mind. I see that your reviews have been pretty great so far. cool little hobby.
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    I've heard it mentioned on a couple of threads here but I'm not sure what you fellows are talking about when you say to check out ABE. ?
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    I am looking to read a lot of books this summer, and although I love buk I do need to add some diversity into my library. I was hoping that you all could help by taking a couple of minutes and writing me a reply on a book or author that you really like and would reccomend. My favorite author...
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    Yes He Was A Beat Writer!

    I think that one of the underlying themes that I've noticed throughout what I have read of his work is that he knows that his writing is good, he knows that he was special. Half of the time is his just describing how good he is because he does not worry about form but instead he lets it drip...
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    this anecdote thread is great, but I'm not sure it needs it's own forum but please by all means keep going. Some of these I have never heard.
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    Left Handed Buk

    both of his hands were on the typewriter, he did not have time to write handwritten pieces, he tried to keep a pen in his mouth so he could circles the winners on the race card.
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    the crunch - in it's many forms

    That was strange and I agree that I do not think a professional editor would make those changes because it changes the tone and opinion of the entire poem. I wonder what the reason for re-working the words would have been?
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    Another 'Lets get to know each other' thread!

    That picture is something else, looks to me like children playing with guns.
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    Please help me if you can. It's about Bukowski's poetry theme and style.

    great output I really like that the people on this forum are willing to spend a little extra time and put in thoughtful replies to aid in the understanding of the meaning of the other users. Too often things like this would be shut down very quickly with a "eat a bowl of dicks" type comment...
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    Reading the Next Big Thing!

    Honestly, that self promotion had the worst tag line, to think that a book called ice cream and poop would somehow interest a descarte fan is ridiculous. The ideas are done and the gimmick of being a "fucken lunatic," are so unnecessary, on the other hand if it was written to be a joke book...
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    you're amazing thanks.
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    I need that short 5 or 6 word poem that Bukowski wrote. It was shown on the DVD by john martin and it was a very tiny book with one word on each page. Something about form....HURRY time is a factor.
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    Where's the Golden Horn???

    For some reason I think that barfly will be re-released within the next year. I don't think it is going to be that hard to get a copy pretty soon
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    new member

    thanks for the replies, I think it is amazing how much this guy has done for everyone here.
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    I understand but I think I am going to either start with factotum or post office, I have talked about some of the poems that I really enjoy but I do not know what book to lend my lady friend.