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    My first collection is available for print

    My first collection of poems has been printed. I hope you all have wonderful holidays. If you wish to read the book, the print is up and the ebook is coming soon. I have two readings in December. If you want the details let me know.
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    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    Ahh, the joys of online anonymity. Thank you for your courage. Very moving.
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    A little help with Twilight's Last Gleamings

    After "Naked Lunch" which was pretty much raped by those typing it, Burroughs embraced the "cut up" method with his prose and pretty much destroyed his own work. If you're having troubles, it may not be your fault. What you are reading may never have been meant to be understood, sounds strange...
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    Greetings and intro via gangsta rap reference...

    glad you made it. Lyrics remind me of Spenny on Kenny vs Spenny but whatever works. Literature will save you.
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    P.S. my recent ex- girlfriend hated your podcast and Bukowski. So let's have a collective good riddance! And me and the dog did notice the skipped month on our nightly drives! We've got our own house now. Let's do us.
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    Holy hell! I've listened to 100+ episodes!? Where does the time go? Oof!
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    You Never Had It - An Evening with Bukowski

    For anyone who hasn't seen it: good but too short. She states there's hours of footage but the final product has been whittled down to just under an hour. Maybe 25% of the footage, or more, I had seen or heard elsewhere. What's left is some good footage mixed with forced emotional music and...
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    You Never Had It - An Evening with Bukowski

    I know the date says 8/7 but its up on the Kino Marquee site now. Looking forward to this! Been waiting a while!
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    Little private Bukowski Collection

    I'm interested to see what other items you've inherited. I imagine you could sell the paintings for quite a bit, but the price tag as well as content would make them of little interest for me personally. You said you had things " by and from Bukowski" so I'm wondering what that means outside of...
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    100th Birthday Events?

    Is there anything planned in San Pedro for this? I know there was some mention of the statue but does anyone know if there may be any type of event? And with the whole virus situation if they will still be happening? I had thoughts of maybe traveling, making a stop at the CSU library if...
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    Did not sell/NFS FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

    If only. I'd fall to my knees by my mailbox and kiss a flowerfist. Maybe my relief check will pay for it. ;) ...I really want this! If my shack job knew what I'd paid for it I'd be out on the mean streets..again. Hoping to make special collections near me now that I'm unsupervised at work. Been...
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    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    I watched this entire series with my mother. A strange experience to say the least.
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    Favorite short story by Buk

    Probably The Devil is Hot. I like the one where he gets lost in the woods while camping, the story more so than when he writes about the same instance in Women (I think that's where it is?), if only for the line about a news report he was imagining after they found his body and his discarded...
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    I need help! Marxism & Bukowski

    Absolutely! If your school has a library site you can access some amazing things! But as far as the normal books, while most likely available through your college library as e-texts ( Most of his poetry collections are on mine, but as far as novels, short stories and biographies they are all on...