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    Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit

    This has probably been pointed out elsewhere, but the piano actually is a percussion instrument.
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    Favorite line from Buk?

    From Pulp: We sat there looking at each other. That's all we did. Five minutes went by. Finally I got pissed. "Grovers, why don't you say something?" "I was waiting for you to speak first."
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    Bluebird analysis

    If you want a general overview of Buk's lifestyle, drinking, childhood etc. then watch the documentary "Born Into This". It's on YouTube in full. Also the Barbet Schroeder "Bukowski Tapes" are good. Both might give you a few good lines to include about his tough guy image but underlying...
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    Matt dillon's performance in factotum film

    "perhaps Rourke played a better Chinaski, and Dillon played a better Bukowski." Yeah I think that's probably it.
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    Matt dillon's performance in factotum film

    Preferred Barfly as a film, but Dillon is pretty good as Chinaski. I actually thought Rourke was decent, anyway. Dillon perhaps edges it on the run down, cynical, man of the world bored of it all score, while Rourke has more humour and free spirit about him that I enjoyed. I get the feeling...
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    This is why...

    I know, I said his reading IN Born Into This, the documentary. Tom Waits' reading of The Laughing Heart. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
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    Any connections between Bukowski and Bob Dylan?

    On the right? Alan Ginsberg. On the left? Dunno.
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    Discovering Bukowski

    Yep I just discovered it too - he met Helen Mirren and they got on OK it seems, had a meal and "emptied bottles like old timers" - pg 287 of "Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life", the biography by Howard Sounes (look it up in Google Books if you can't find a copy).
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    Linda King - Sweet & Dirty

    Are they that bad? The ones in Loving and Hating... were OK. What was wrong with it? I think it told the story well, gave her point of view but was still pretty fair to him.
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    OK yes it's an opinion, but hardly a controversial one.
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    Linda King - Sweet & Dirty

    What's with the Linda King hate on this forum? Not read her poetry books, but Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski was a good read and well written, and her stuff in there seemed decent.
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    I don't think it was an insult, seeing as King is a fantastic writer ... agree with the other post though, adverbs always stink of poor writing, and Martin seemed to add them in wherever he could, it seems! V strange.
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    This is why...

    Tom Waits' reading in "Born Into This" is pretty good, too. One of my his best, up there with Bluebird for sure.