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    If you let them kill you they will...

    hello all, not really a 'name that poem', but a 'please tell me that poem' - can someone please post the above poem for me please? I've hunted on google and cant find a thing. was this publsihed somewhere other than the NY greeting card? cheers
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    Going To Paris In October

    Definitely go to Shakespeare Books in Paris (, it'd be sacrilege not to - Its opposite Notre Dame and its owned (and still run) by George Whitman (a yank) who opened it in 1951 - its a real aladdins cave, it has thousends of rare and obscure books in there that I'd kill to...
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    Would You Suggest Writing as a Career?

    Life is that spark hidden within brief moments that feeling of uber-consciousness when you're on that road and a song is in pure synchrony with every atom of your body pulsing, invincible not a memory that you're clinging to or a future you're dreaming of, but NOW right now, with all of...
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    I used to put in a bid as soon as I saw an item that I wanted, until I got burnt a couple of times where there was someone else who was just as obsessed withi winning the item, so the usual bidding war ensued and I ended up paying a lot of money for things that werent' that valuable! Hence, as...
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    Cheers Bill, I guess I'll just have to keep plugging away at Ebay and hope tht I can eventually win one! I remember the good old days of ebay where if you had a steady nerve, you could get in with your bid a couple of seconds before and win - manual sniping I guess! damn those machines that...
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    Hi all, Does anyone know of any bookstores/dealers/sellers who have any Buk manuscripts that arent at premium prices? I'm moving into my first apartment soon, so I'll be broke for the next god knows how many years and I'd really like to buy a signed manuscript that'll keep me going...
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    Your favorite beer?

    any thats ice cold and from a tap! Although I wouldnt say no to one from a can, bottle or any other serving method! Carlsbergs probably my fave, although I like Molson Canadian, but sadly theres only 1 Canuck bar in London and you have to buy in bulk off the net so I cant get it that much...
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    Here (eventually) via Vic

    cheers Bogthing. I see you're from GA - Vics from Athens (well, Florida born, Zebulon raised but lives in Athens) coincidentally! I've been over a few times (friends in Macon). I wouldnt worry about being behind, nobody's keeping tabs! (well, maybe some Govt department somewhere..) Vics...
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    Buk 7" and Beatscene mag...

    Hello all, I'm assuming this may already be common knowledge (although my thread searches came up blank), but I've just bought a 7" flexidisc of two Buk poems (Love&fame&death and I've always had trouble with money) on Ebay, and discovered that the seller was from the magazine that originally...
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    "Don't Try" font..

    bit of an odd question, but does anyone know the exact front on Buks grave? it looks a bit like Times New Roman, but then I'm no font expert and am assuming that theres a closer match than what you can find in MS Word! anyone have any ideas??
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    Here (eventually) via Vic

    wow, glad to see that theres at least one other fan of Vic around too!
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    Here (eventually) via Vic

    Hi all, I'm Paul from London and have been reading Buk for about 4 years, but only just found the forum (what can I say? I'm a slow learner!). My Buk timeline is as follows... Vic Chesnutt ---> 'West of Rome' (song - from the album of the same name)--->Fante (WoR short story and then the...