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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    A little Jorge Ben: And something contemporary (gets going around the 1:45 mark):
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    Looking forward to seeing this. Any word on Fassbender's robotic penis?
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    Classical Music Anyone?

    Hello, here is a slice of what classical music I've been listening to lately:
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    The Webbs and The Beatles, the untold connection

    I cannot help but envy those of you to whom the name Webb holds any aged-retention. Would any of you older patrons care to give an account (if possible) of what growing up around the Beatles-era was like? I am a product of the bygone & now cannot sleep. Accepting donations.
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    BBC Radio - book readings online

    Not a reading, but a favourite of mine from Radio 4. As far as soothing voices are concerned; Bragg takes precedence over Morgan Freeman (please do tell if my semi-colon is placed incorrectly -- I am fairly despondent at this hour and unsure as to whether my clauses are independent/relative --...
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    Pictures of Nothing

    Remember trying to recreate a Pollock when I was around ten or eleven; my exact copy of one of his murals surpassed the original. Assume this shall not be the case but I have to ask, is the book solely made up of blank pages?
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    Good Documentaries

    Does anyone know of any ezra pound documentaries? Only come across a radio 4 program based on his politics.
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    Who the fuck is Paul McCartney?

    It's the equivalent of Dan Brown to literature. Cannot seem to escape it's gaze, waves of warm diarrhoea wash over my ears every single day. Bars, shops, neighbours houses, flatmates, ice cream trucks. I would rather have Kenny G follow me around - accompanying every move I make with a...
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    Things Fall Apart

    Probably splitting hairs but was your professor ngugi wa thiongo by any chance? Recently read River Between and I'm sure said author underwent the same process. (old topic I know)
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    Looking for a book of poems

    Wholeheartedly second Burning in Water, possibly my favourite.
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    Who the fuck is Paul McCartney?

    Amongst those in my bracket (early to late-twenties) Dubstep is perhaps the last genre that held any cultural hegemony. Although, it has ruined for me what I understood as original Dub. Can no longer listen to Levy or Tubby without being reminded of their successors. I do believe that there is...
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    Drugs & Alcohol

    I am unsure whether most of the 'Beats' wrote under the influence, it would however explain their warm diarrhea.
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    Have you been on any bad dates lately?

    A girl took shelter at my house in order to save herself from the tumult of snow outside (despite this she insisted on wearing heals without the aid of socks) we had previously entered one another and as such were on first name terms. Short story short, she was on her period, did not divulge...
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    A Penis Short Story

    Not to be rude, but your lack of grammar makes you sound like a faggot. Are you sure your story about a penis and possible homo-linguistic slip ups aren't somehow intended? It almost reads as if your queer side is trying to escape, yet you usher him back into his corner and as a result obtain an...
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    Ham on Rye film adaptation?

    Thanks for the information, no idea how the intricacies of filmmaking work so I'll take what you say as canon, the only reason I believe the project is probable is due to Franco's output/work ethic and over-saturation of himself. Guess we'll see what happens, interested to know what your view of...