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    Its CHARLES BUKOWSKI time.Celebrating his B-DAY@King Eddy DTLA.FREE!

    Hey...Skidrow Studios is me. I'm also Big Chain because of my $40 dookie. Good times.
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    I remember reading this and laughing about Buk calling it a porno movie...obviously he had no clue what it was and probably didn't care...haha. Just funny.
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    Bukowski tattoos

    I just contacted famous Skid Row tattoo artist "Mister Cartoon" regarding some work. He's done a bunch of bad famous people's work. Minimum price tag on a tat, $2500. Fuck that.
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    The Best Hotel On Skid Row

    I recently acquired a copy of this. I actually think it's very good. The hotel is within spitting distance of my apartment. Buk narrates the entire documentary. Definitely a better gig than lets say, Supervan. Aside from any Buk involvement, I think it's a really well done documentary...
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    Where's the Golden Horn???

    Nice list. I didn't know about the ski room...
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    Bukowski's army story

    I have the year book as well. He looks fine in the year book. The image on the cover of Ham on Rye doesn't really look touched up to me. There's also a picture of Buk in his ROTC uniform. He looks like he's 40 in his yearbook. He also looks like a scrawny dork. You know the type...probably...
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    Where's the Golden Horn???

    Frank and Hank's's,+los+angeles,+ca&hl=en&cd=1&ei=TCOJTMHIGo_stgP80v39Dw&dtab=0&sll=34.064754,-118.309084&sspn=0.027544,0.143878&ie=UTF8&ll=34.149033,-118.443604&spn=0,0&t=h&z=12&iwloc=A Smog Cutter...
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    Where's the Golden Horn???

    "The Kenmore" is on 3rd and Kenmore. All the scenes showing Henry and Wanda walking away from the front of the bar were shot at the Kenmore...
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    the pothead thread

    Hash made with butane gas is, in my opinion, very bad. This method is used because it's the most bang for your buck from the producer's perspective. The butane freeze the trichomes off the bud in a manner that is more thorough and efficient then most other methods. This is great if you love...
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    Bukowski tattoos

    Fuck. I bet she was pretty pissed when someone told her this.
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    Bukowski tattoos

    THat's fucking nice. I have some ideas in with an artist right now. Something with downtown LA skyline and Craby Joe's. Will most likely get it done on Friday.
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    Barfly on DVD!!!

    Weird. I'm looking at my copy right now and it's in perfect condition. Is there something special I should be looking for to determine its worth? I ripped this DVD and put it on my iPhone so I can show people the opening scene with the Craby Joe's sign. If you meet me, it usually goes like...
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    In Hollywood, Lace and Velvet Along With Bukowski and Liszt

    I actually completely agree with you and take much of the same approach when it comes to both cities. I used to live in the TL and really loved my time in San Francisco. Each city has its own style and I think the attitude is very different, although I will say that most San Franciscans I've...
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    Buk tape/video at San Francisco University

    I would love to be in on this...I have a DVD recorder that takes RCA input for converting VHS to DVD...if that helps?/??//???"
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    Barfly on DVD!!!

    $400? Is this for real? I had no problem getting this 5 years ago. I had no idea it was even considered rare. I'll sell you mine for $399.