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    Why the Beatles?

    90 years old.....It was time to go..
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    Why the Beatles?

    Well you either like the music or you don't.. I was 10 in 1964 and followed them all the way. Just because other people like their music doesn't mean you have to.
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    Why the Beatles?

    It was 49 years ago today....
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    Crumb interview

    Wow......What a great thread. I've been a big fan of Crumb since the late 60's...
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    Alcoholism - why didn't it destroy Bukowski?

    There seems to be many definitions of what an alcoholic is. Take your pick. To some its anybody who likes to get drunk. To others its not being able to stop once you start. Then there's having to stop and not being able to. You're an alcoholic, " if you say so"...
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    barry miles' Buk bio

    I've read several Barry Miles books, William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac , Allen Ginsburg etc... And they all read like reference books. Nothing you didn't already know. Howard Sounes book is a great read ; However I think his Dylan book leaves a lot to be desired..
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    Bukowski and his reader's drinking habits

    I didn't realize just how much of a drunk Buk was until I saw the documentary "Born Into This"... I mean I knew he appreciated drinking from his writing's like "Barfly" for example.\ As far as my own drinking, its been on and off since I was a teenager. I was more of a pot smoker/psychedelic...
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    Back on the Street

    I ran into Bukowski years ago when I discovered the work of Robert Crumb ; Crumb sketched many pictures with Bukowski as a subject. Then not long after that I found "Notes of a Dirty Old Man" in a second hand bookstore. Thank you Thank you
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    The Grateful Dead's PA system

    I saw The Wall of Sound at The Cincinnati Gardens 12/04/1973...They started using it or a version of it, the fall of 1973. The official " grand opening " was 03/16/1974 which I believe was issued as a Dicks Picks. The Cincinnati Gardens was/is an old basketball area, that had the acoustics's of...
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    Back on the Street

    hello, Just retired from a print factory ; Feels like I've just been released from a POW camp. Happy to have found this forum, and happy to be a drunk..