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    Hello my fellow Buk fans

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    Vagabond - No. 7 - 1969: And All The Snow Melted

    I guess the editing job could have been worse. Just totally unnecessary changes... as usual.
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    Everyman, 1974 - A Hot Day In Los Angeles - Directions... - Panties - The Drunk Tank Judge - The Reading

    Here are the rest of the poems from Everyman Summer '74. My copy also has a a sheet of uncut Trojan wrappers. I have to imagine this was included as a "supplement." Way to roll Guyahoga Community College.
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    Amphora 8 1972

    This is the Sunset Palms Hotel version of Death. The ending is abbreviated and there are a few miner changes. The lines all start with a capital letter and the spacing/pacing between some of the lines seems out of sorts to me. Maybe the editor felt he had the license.
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    THE COLDSPRING JOURNAL No. 10, April 1976

    The database has a mix of these poems from various sources, but only one from this journal. Included here is one extra poem not in the database, plus some horrible reproductions of Brad Darby photos. (P.S. That's Skiroom's uncle Joe on the title page asking, "What The FUCK?" The guy in the van...
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    If he was a true friend and what he was writing was more than a obligatory response, he signed it Hank.
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    If We Take

    Does anyone in the forum have one of the signed, limitation copies? I ask because I've never seen one for sale (but I'm as blind as a Buffalo, so.. ).
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    any of yall into photography?

    I got ripped off on 3 card Monty, losing my lunch money for Burger King and the rest of the quarters I planned to spend at the arcade.
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    Bukowski in Open City, Notes of a Dirty Old Man

    Does the forum have all the Dirty Old Man columns from all the alternative papers that he appeared in? I'm often tempted to buy a single issue here and there, but they are pricey and who knows what poems (yes poems) appeared here and there. Many Dirty Old Man colums were poems.
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    I can't read German. Can you?

    I can't understand German, but I love this book cover....
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    Betting on the Muse: Legitimacy

    Great title for a book, but the poetry itself was grinded into something completely different than the poet intended. All the flavor was stripped away for a dry piece of meat served with powdered mash potatoes. F the "Great Editor"....
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    Just stopping by

    I will certainly take a copy or 2. Fuck the great editor.
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    new guy, hello

    Anxiety is a bitch, but you'll tame her eventually. Hang in there and don't listen to the life coach that says you need to just push through it. Time is the best cure, so be patient with yourself. And talk about it. I think the worst part about anxiety is that you try to hide it, because you...
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    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    Free Thought, Vol 2, Issue 1, Summer 2000. A a complete lie... It makes zero sense... Much like a response our current President would make... The FUCKING magazines are the truth... Not JM's dirty little lies...
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Sisyphus Leaves: 10 Poems

    I'd pay $225.00.
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    I fucking HATE the word bittersweet. But the Kris show was kinda that way. His lyric monitor kept going out and he'd have to stop. And this happened 6 times. Age on display on the stage with no where run. So it's kind of sad, but there is this grace within his band that vibrates out in to the...
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Going to see Kris for the first time tonight at a small venue in Charleston, SC. Figured it was time to see him before he dies or I do... Jesus Was a Capricorn
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    Ole 4: O, We Are The Outcasts, O We Burn In Wondrous Flame!

    This particular issue is a Treasure Trove for Bukowski nerds. In addition to the poem, there are important references to the Bukowski/small press ambitions of the time. Enjoy nerds...
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    Midwest - No. 7 - 1964

    That's a lot to think about. Is this an example where Buk did some of his own re-writes? (I don't think any of us disagree that this didn't happen, especially back when magazines rejected his poems the first go-around. As opposed to later, when editors published whatever he sent in, regardless...
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    Midwest - No. 7 - 1964

    "Through The Streets Of Anywhere" should be clean, because it first appeared in Fire Station. "Bayonets In Candlelight" remained uncollected until The Continual Condition. Hopefully the Great Editor wasn't too high on himself.
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    It's not you, it's me
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    Authentic Signature

    Look beautiful to me.