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  1. Bandini10

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    I love this! more comments about nonsense than about the actual posed question. So entertaining! I can cancel Netflix and just post questions about Bukowski and watch the dementia unfold. Much more entertaining than the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Thank you! I know. It's all my fault.
  2. Bandini10

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    "so many others"? sounds like the problem's not me. ha. I don't have any "strong feelings". If you scroll up, I merely asked a question, born from whimsical curiosity -- not a "strong feeling." I then responded to the "strong feeling" that someone "never could understand" my question... which...
  3. Bandini10

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    it is amazing that you have time to "write" AND respond on here. i'm in awe!
  4. Bandini10

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    ha. you "never understood" it? well, if you'd like to PM me, i'm happy to explain it to you privately, as i would hate to bore the forum with personal details. I am happy to explain it to you in great detail, so maybe you can understand it...
  5. Bandini10

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    sorry for noob question, but I'm curious what we know about how Buk worked/lived/wrote. I read that he was homeless wandering the country living off a candy bar a day (early on), then went to working at the post office in LA for a steady day gig? Part of his explanation of the candy bar diet was...
  6. Bandini10

    The heart is a lonely hunter

    Awesome. good to know. thank you for this perspective. I somehow missed it in my high school years. But this makes total sense.
  7. Bandini10

    The heart is a lonely hunter

    I was just reading that Buk was influenced heavily by The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I'll have to check it out. Anyone else read it? Do you see the influence? Care to comment on his influence/relationship with Carson McCullers? She was called the French Anais Nin?
  8. Bandini10

    Bought this buk book and it has interesting inscription

    This seems like a fascinating read although the Amazon reviews are pretty damning. Saying that essentially Black Sparrow was reaching deep on this one. I didn't know Martinelli was an Anais Nin colleague.
  9. Bandini10

    lester bangs and bukowski

    Thank you for all this. I am ashamed to say, as a musician and writer, that I have never read Lester but due to his connection with Buk, I will now plumb the depths. Thank you!
  10. Bandini10

    Spotify, Youtube, etc...

    Great link! thank you!
  11. Bandini10

    Buk fans in LA?

    any other Buk fans in Los Angeles? are there any meet ups? groups? events? nights dedicated to him where people meet at bars and read his poetry and pay tribute? thank you!
  12. Bandini10

    Spotify, Youtube, etc...

    Sorry if this is covered in another thread. I'm new here, but I love listening to Buk read his poems. I listen to him on Spotify and some of his readings are on Youtube. Any other outlets/sources you guys can find him? I couldn't find much on him in podcasts... (hint, hint, someone should start...
  13. Bandini10

    Cancer of the eyeball, the grammar of life, a need for glue - pulse - No. 4 - 1971

    God bless him for working on a typewriter and this surviving correspondence. He's like Bob Dylan tapping away. These scans are amazing. thank you for posting. I love him giving shouts out to Pound, Jeffers and Knut Hamsun. Ill be sure to read more of them now. Thank you!
  14. Bandini10

    If you like Bukowski, then who else...?

    Hi, i'm new here. And so grateful for this site and all you all do. So THANK YOU all for your postings and deep knowledge! Just curious, Who else does it like Bukowski? I love him so much. I live in LA and love the grit and grime and his manner of voicing and capturing the despair of the human...