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  1. Petey

    Charles Bukowski : " Der etwas andere Andernacher "

    Very sweet homage to Hank. Here we go.
  2. Petey

    Charles Bukowski : " Der etwas andere Andernacher "

    For the german speaking cats here around. Tomorrow the German TV will broadcast a documentary in anniversary of the death of Bukowski for 25 years. The title is Charles Bukowski: "Der etwas andere Andernacher" which means for example Charles Bukowski: "A different guy from Andernach" As soon...
  3. Petey

    Abandoned Philadelphia savings account

    Please post the divorce announcement in the Jane thread, maybe we have now the final confirmation that Jane and Craig were married twice.
  4. Petey

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    The Wilmington morning star. (Wilmington, N.C.) January 26, 1943 and The Wilmington morning star., January 27, 1943. Seaman is confirmed in the marriage certificate and he was born 1907 so this MUST be Jane's husband. His second first name Kinsinger was verified in my post from Jun 17, 2016.
  5. Petey

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    I was in vacations with my son during the symposium so RONI held the address for me. He did a very very well job, I couldn't have done it better ....
  6. Petey

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Found it here : Take a look at the bottom ,lots of other interesting stuff ....
  7. Petey

    Signed or not?

    Just two examples from this book of letters :
  8. Petey

    The Killers - Bukowski Adaptation!!

    Sorry to step in, but to reply of a four year old post is the job of our dear Z-Man....
  9. Petey

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    Roswell Daily Record Roswell, New Mexico January 26, 1928 Found this today. Jesus, where is the god damn wedding picture ?
  10. Petey

    Johnny Depp Getting Animated About Bukowski (Klasky Csupo Animation)
  11. Petey

    Sold Sale of precious objects

    It was in 2005 and he held a pretty interesting speech about the publication of Bukowski in Germany. I found this on the web side of the B. society :
  12. Petey

    Sold Sale of precious objects

    Great stuff ! I met your father some years ago during a symposium of the Bukowski Society in Andernach.
  13. Petey

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Maybe a fake but I like it anyway....
  14. Petey

    In how many languages was Bukowski translated ?

    We can add now "Hindi" as well.
  15. Petey

    Italian Docu from 1981

    Never seen this footage before. It's in italian language but worth a look anyway...
  16. Petey

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Kenneth Atchity with Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Charles Bukowski
  17. Petey

    On Cats

    This dude seems to have a very good taste. Keep an eye at : 01.18 min
  18. Petey

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    B. & Barbet.
  19. Petey

    Was Bon Scott (AC/DC) inspired by Charles Bukowski ?

    Pretty cool interviews, keep an eye and ear on 03.20 min.