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    Opinions on this signature. and contrast...not the same pen, but looks done in the same decade.
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    Who the fuck is CHUCK?!???
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    Just curious as to why you call bukowski CHUCK...I've never understood that...
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    Just stopping by

    I second that ✋
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    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - Open City

    Thanks for sharing...very cool indeed
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    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Very cool...yea, I know of him at the college....he's in the English Dept...I think.i tried to read his book on Bukowski, but just couldn't get into it...anyone else read his book?
  8. james

    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Really? was the guy from Middle Tennessee State University? One of the main reasons I picked up a couple of Poems and Plays (featuring buk) was because MTSU published it, and is my Alma mater...and I still live down the road from the college...
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    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    Also thoroughly worked over/Martinized is the poem "the 12 hour night"....
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    "loss," "12 hour night," "toenails," "the shifting" from Sisyphus Leaves 1992

    So I was looking through a poetry mag called Poems and Plays from 1997 to compare some buk poems, and it looks like "the 12 hour night" has been Martinized.....
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    What about 'Roll the Dice'?

    I have Poems and Plays #4 from spring/summer 1997, featuring Roll the Dice, and it matches the Martinized version MJP posted earlier...
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    Robby Muller last call....

    Yes, thanks skiroom and zobraks! Will have to reread that section...
  13. james

    Robby Muller last call....

    Do you know what his alias was in Hollywood?
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    And a love note from your friend: Wow...WOW. WHAT THE FUCK. (In response to the martinizing)
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    Carpool Karaoke: Paul Mccartney

    My mom made me watch it...much better than I expected! Especially the live show he gave the folks in the pub...
  16. james

    Self portrait in oil by Charles Bukowski at auction this Thursday

    Yea the signature looks later than the 70s...great painting though!
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    Hustler interview - "I'm a Christmas Tree"

    Hahahaha what?! Deputy of Love WOW
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    mica 7: ww2

    Thanks for posting this...wonderful stuff... Has anyone compared this version to the one in Mockingbird? On the first page alone there are at least a dozen words left out or changed in the Mockingbird version...i much prefer the mica version...more raw and can almost feel the...
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    Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness autograph

    Where is this quoted from, Hollywood? Or?!?? I'd like to re-read more of that!
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    Also, from "half of you is bullshit" to ,"half of what you say is bullshit".... original is much better, less blatant and obvious. Bullshit artist!!!
  21. james

    From the Producer: Charles Bukowski - One Tough Mother

    God I'm embarrassed just watching that actor...NO NO NO
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Found this on a random Instagram page, and saved it because I didn't recall ever seeing it anywhere...maybe from one of the Montfort limited edition books?!
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    Bukowski reader from way back

    Welcome! I very much enjoyed your book, and the documentary was of course excellent...the loujon period is most interesting...
  24. james

    Allen Ginsberg, Marvin Malone and the Case of the Missing Acid Test

    Much thanks for the insight, Christa! Truly an honor to have you here, as many have said. Back in (circa) 2000, I contacted you through ebay about selling some of your wormwood gave me a great deal on some key buk issues, and were more than accommodating and nice to a complete...
  25. james

    The Old Man On The Corner -- Coffin 1, Hearse Press

    Ha, love it.....thanks Pogue, never seen that one!