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  1. mjp

    Carol Es - Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley

    Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley is the #1 new release... Rap & Hip-Hop Musician biographies? The algorithms of Amazon grind in mysterious ways.
  2. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    You'd have to see the condition. Sometimes being under a bed for 50 years is good for a guitar, sometimes it's not. For some reason those old Gibson amps don't have much value. No one really wants them. It's always cool to see a guitar/amp pair that started life together though.
  3. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    I should have seen that, but I'm reading the new posts in reverse chronological order (is that reverse chronological, oldest first? I don't know) and I've been in bed for 36 hours with some kind of roller coaster body temperature disease, so I plead incompetence. I just plead incompetence in...
  4. mjp

    pLopLop Editor Exhibits Automatic Drawings

    I used to add publications when we didn't know what the contents were, but I stopped doing that. If anyone has that issue and knows the title(s) I'll add it.
  5. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    I'm not talking so much about brand snobbery as much as aesthetics (but I have brand snobbery too). The Peavy logo is just ugly to me, so I wouldn't want to stand in front of it. I would never know if it was decent gear because I wouldn't have ever tried it. It's not logical, it's just a weird...
  6. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    It's funny how a logo can put you off something. I could never get behind anything Peavy because of that logo. And when I was a kid those were mainly used by country music players. But logos, yeah, Joe Strummer used Music Man amps, but he said that he didn't like "the picture of the guys...
  7. mjp

    pLopLop Editor Exhibits Automatic Drawings

    Let he who has never pissed on anything cast the first preemptive piss lament.
  8. mjp

    the late season - Stephen Hines

    Why the hell would a local independent book store turn its nose up at a book by a local author? That's kind of ridiculous. Who gives a shit where it's published? What's wrong with people? (Rhetorical question.) They obviously didn't read it, because no one who reads that book can deny how good...
  9. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    Well...that depends on a lot of factors. Including superstition, misinformation, voodoo, and varying levels of metal illness. There's a lot of disagreement about finishes on electric guitars. Some scientifically-minded people maintain that the sound of an electric guitar comes from the metal...
  10. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    For an everyday guitar, minor changes don't really impact resale value. But any change decreases the potential market for the guitar, because the buyer has to also like the change you've made. And most buyers, even if they don't mind a change, will always try to get a reduced price for a...
  11. mjp

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    "Here's my Les Paul, it's been refinished, all the hardware and electronics are different, the neck has been reshaped..." It sounds kind of extreme, but in the 70s I think everyone changed things on their guitars. I don't think I had a guitar that I didn't change until I got my second old Les...
  12. mjp

    Carol Es - Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley

    The lettered limited edition hardcover is available for pre-order. This is the first notice posted anywhere. Tomorrow or Wednesday notice goes out to Carol's email list. The price is $100 off the publication date price. The special edition includes two original pieces of art, one done on a...
  13. mjp

    What are you drinking?

    "FUCK YOU IPA!" I concur.
  14. mjp

    It catches my heart in it's hands

    If that's being kept in the pages of the book you should take it out. If it's in there long enough the newsprint could leave a mark on the book paper.
  15. mjp

    pour me another one

    Maybe some poetry isn't meant to be understood literally.
  16. mjp

    Shits and Giggles

    Angry Man Mistakes Stock Photo of a Hipster as Himself in Story About Hipsters Looking Alike It's one of the most ironic moments in hipster history. A recent report titled "The Hipster Effect," authored by Brandeis University researchers in the MIT Technology Review, looked at how hipsters...
  17. mjp

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    I believe I can sum it up. Bandini10 started off by asking a vague, all-encompassing question that would require a 50,000 word biography to answer properly, then took umbrage at responses suggesting he read actual books to find the answer to his vague, all-encompassing question that would...
  18. mjp

    How did Bukowski work? his Routine?

    Away for a month and this is how you come back? "Sigh" is right. Let us know when you're finished complaining and lecturing from atop your high horse, Mayor McCheese. Just post something like, "I'm done," or, "Okay, that's it."
  19. mjp

    Carol Es - Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley

    Coming April 6th, 2019, Shrapnel in the San Fernando Valley by Carol Es. Pre-order Kindle Pre-order paperback Pre-order hardcover A special limited deluxe edition is available on on the Desert Dog Books website. The limited edition is 26 copies lettered and signed by Carol, hand bound in...
  20. mjp

    Opinions on this signature.

    It is.
  21. mjp

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    We have seen the Christmas one before...
  22. mjp

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - NOLA Express

    Well, I have the NOLA Express entries finished (I think). Rather than list them here, I'll just point you to the page that will eventually be linked from the database page(s). That page is: as the Los Angeles Free Press section remains to be finished.
  23. mjp

    a horse named "Bukowski"

    I think there may be a picture of Bukowski standing with "Bukowski" and Valenzuela hanging in Bukowski's living room. There are a couple pictures of him with horses and jockeys at the track anyway.
  24. mjp

    Database updated

    That last link is to a poem, by the way, but above the poem is a review (sort of) of Bukowski's first readings at The Bridge in Los Angeles, and it was written by John Thomas who says he taped both nights. Everything I've read said he had about a million tapes in his house though, so it's...