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  1. roni

    "The Hog" special edition

    Hey kids, have ya seen this? An extremely overprized yet lovely one-of-a-kind-item: THE HOG
  2. roni

    Opinions on this signature.

    yes, legit.
  3. roni

    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Some unpublished pics from Nov 13, 1991 at Hollywood Park racetrack shot by a German fan named Stefan Ulmen.
  4. roni

    Charles Bukowski : " Der etwas andere Andernacher "

    Looking forward to that piece. The maker of it, Alexander Wasner, has visited Buk's cousin Heinrich Fett (the son of uncle Hein) in Andernach and the filmmaker Thomas Schmitt (who taped the Hamburg-reading) in Cologne for his film. btw, the same broadcast-company that airs this documentary on...
  5. roni

    a horse named "Bukowski"

    The Bukowski-Society has 2 pictures of Bukowski posing with horse and jockey. I'm not at home till March 20 to check them and at the moment have only these mini-thumps with me:
  6. roni

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - NOLA Express

    thanks zobraks. I really am not a huge fan of downloading page per page. I don't see why these people can be so kind to give away all the data but then refuse to do it in one rush (just like the user-friendly Internet Archive for example).
  7. roni

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - NOLA Express

    Am I somewhat blind or is there no download-button on the site to get a whole issue as a PDF? What's the reason if you deliver something anyway, to not deliver it in a pleasing data-format?
  8. roni

    The Whitman thread

    Our dear friend uncle Walt will be 200 this year. Does anyone know about a scholar of his' who's also into Buk-scholarship and would be able to write a little bit about the pair?
  9. roni

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - Open City

    You cats are MAGIC again and again.
  10. roni

    Abel's book coming...

    I still must have one or two copies of it from my stock of the old shop. Not sure yet and not at home for quite a while, so can't look it up now.
  11. roni

    Women 1996 misprint?

    rare misprintings of stamps happen to be of some value I think.
  12. roni

    art & artists

    Vermeer is definitely handling his craft much more precise. He's a technician and what a gorgeous one. What I love about Van Gogh so much ain't craftsmanship, but his vivid directness of expression.
  13. roni

    Confluence & Influence - some ties to Buk

    Excellent idea. Thank you so much in advance. That's a wonderful idea. Too many oportunities to get first-hand information while people were still alive have been wasted.
  14. roni

    The heart is a lonely hunter

    A few years ago they published a new German translation of "The Heart" and I started making the effort to read both translations the parallel way. Was an interesting experience, since both translations had their excellent sides and both their weaks. None of them was a clear winner. And I got...
  15. roni

    art & artists

    Thanks. Zoomed into some VanGogh. It's fabulous. But they won't let me use the right mouse-button to download :-((
  16. roni

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Thanks for this treasure. Alas I had to stop downloading, being at a place where the connection seems to be still 56k (if at all).
  17. roni

    Forum update

    Well now, I'm not gonna talk about Judy. In fact, we're not gonna talk about Judy at all, we're gonna keep her out of it.
  18. roni

    Seen any good movies lately?

    Just watched Deadpool 2 (#1 wasn't available) for the first time. Yes, it is childish, but also funny. Since we know, there's a sick freak-fan for Everything on the net, willing to post any available information on his/her subject, make databases and lists etc, I'll have to ask: Do you know if...
  19. roni

    Charles Bukowski - One Tough Mother...LPs?

    I have some (and that surely goes for you too) old bootlegs from pre-internet-times. Back then, they've managed to press LPs with a playtime of ca 1 hour, but the sound quality got even worse, so I don't think, that's an option. I feel they'll have to make double-albums which makes for nice...
  20. roni

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Starting January 1, I posted a daily song by David Bowie as a countdown to his death on Jan 10 at my fb-profile. Here's the playlist: - 9 days left: CHANGES (Live October 1999, France) - 8 days left: ZIGGY STARDUST (Live 1972) [in the comments: a link to a spider (from Mars?), that's actually...
  21. roni

    Chinese translation on Bukowski

    Can't help but wish good luck.
  22. roni

    Confluence & Influence - some ties to Buk

    From what I've heared (and experienced), concerning any texts that have not yet been published by HC, be it unpublished manuscripts, letters or else, they would refer any asker to Linda Bukowski. Not sure, how she would like to have His letters to another woman be published. In ANY Way: You...
  23. roni

    Forum update

    why that? Trading Bukowski-doodles for the benefit of emojis? I dunno.
  24. roni

    Betting on the Muse: Legitimacy

    My personal taste: I didn't cling to it from the day it came out. Be it authentic or not: it sure can't compete with his previous "Last Night of the Earth Poems".
  25. roni

    I can't read German. Can you?

    The initial post had been brought to you by your friendly Charles-Bukowski-Society: don't hesitate to *like* that one.