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  1. David

    Plants mentioned in Bukowski’s work

    Tournefortia, Calla Lily
  2. David

    South of No North - magazine column sources

    Righto, Zobraks...I tried to find the column using Captain Co's March 23, 1972 with no luck and tried the data base and found it on March 23, 1973, but then forgot to put the correct date in my post. Thanks!
  3. David

    South of No North - magazine column sources

    I am just finishing writing a book on Robert Crumb so I have been looking at Crumb's illustrations of "Bop Bop Against That Curtain." I tracked down the original story to LAFP, March 23, 1972, but the opening was unfamiliar. The LAFP version begins: "All of us had begun to masturbate and we...
  4. David

    'The City' in Bukowski's work: advise a student of literature!

    The red neon Pegasus signs were common in LA when I was a child during the Sixties. I just looked it up and yes, they were at the Mobil gas stations. Don't know if it was Schroeder or Bukowski's idea to have Pegasus flashing in the window as he is writing poetry in "Barfly", but Pegasus the...
  5. David

    Bukowski hates speeches

    This is from Notes of a Dirty Old Man. I'm not able to check now other references now but you also might try the Letters.
  6. David

    Anthony Bourdain

    I watched his shows, liked the fact that he had a program on Burroughs and one on Jim Harrison in Montana and I seemed to recall a Bukowski reference which I just located turns out to have been in Bourdain's show on Mississippi: BOURDAIN: What kind of socialist, communist are you up to...
  7. David

    Charles Bukowski's Posthumous Edits: As the Spirit Wanes, Shit Happens

    Also, to weigh in here, there is ample evidence that Martin substantially changed Bukowski's stories before they appeared in Black Sparrow collections: i.e. the originals appeared in the Los Angeles Free Press, Nola and Open City and the changes mirror the alterations made in the poems--i.e they...
  8. David

    Celine controversy in France

    Just received this in my Google alerts--interesting that Bukowski is being brought into this... FRENCH JEWS PROTEST REPRINT OF ANTISEMITIC ESSAYS FROM HOLOCAUST ERA
  9. David

    Eulogy to a Hell of a Dame

    William Blake. Didn't know ELP had done a version of it!
  10. David

    Eulogy to a Hell of a Dame

    I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand: Till we have built Jerusalem In Englands green & pleasant land
  11. David

    Upcoming: The Mathematics of the Breath and the Way

    Yes, it's due out next May and contains stories, essays, some of Bukowski's introductions to other writers, and also several interviews. Still working on putting it all together but it should be out on time.
  12. David

    Classical Music Anyone?

    Right on, Roni!
  13. David

    Critical Books on Bukowski's prose, especially his novel "Pulp" - for M.A thesis

    There's a section in my book on Bukowski (2012) on Pulp and his other prose if you're interested. See
  14. David

    Partially Not Bukowski and Bukowski

    I've got a couple of books coming out this month: The Spiritual Imagination of the Beats and Conversations with Gary Snyder. In October, Fischer will publish the German translation of The Bell Tolls for No One. And for Buk fans, I am editing a fifth book of Bukowski's stories and essays which...
  15. David

    paintings by Bukowski (showroom)

    Haven't read this yet, but looks like Buk is on the authors who painted list on ABE.
  16. David

    Bukowski tattoos

    Don't Die on My Infinity
  17. David

    Abyss - Vol. 3 No. 1 - Spring 1971 Three Uncollected ? Bukowski Poems

    I just came across "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (from the song)" from Open City, November 23, 1967--so another poem with the same title. I don't think it has been posted previously.
  18. David

    note for my wall

    Just found this interview with Martin from NPR regarding Slouching Toward Nirvana and at around 4:09 he responds to the question of whether he ever changed Bukowski's writing... ".....a few times I would step in like that and make a...
  19. David

    Unpublished 1957 story , "A Dollar for Carl Larsen"

    Zobraks, thanks for catching that. "The Night Nobody Believed I Was Allen Ginsberg" appeared in Berkeley Tribe, Vol. 1, No. 11, Sept. 19-25, 1969, p. 12.
  20. David

    Unpublished 1957 story , "A Dollar for Carl Larsen"

    Recently I was able to obtain the full text of this 1957, illustrated story so here's the rest of "A Dollar for Carl Larsen"
  21. David

    the Meat school of poetry

    Small world...If this is the same Chuck Taylor who owned Paperback Plus bookshop in Austin, Texas, howdy. I used to frequently go to your cool store when I was a grad student at UT.
  22. David

    Sunlight Here I Am

    So, I went back at looked at Sunlight and the quote is from the Freedland article Hank Solo posted which I mention on page viii of my Introduction I'm posting here the whole article as it appeared in Knight, Vol. 7, no. 5, 1969 which I don't believe has been posted in its original form.
  23. David

    "Genius: difficult / profound things ... simple way" - variations

  24. David

    I draw the nuts each time, they like me.

    No, in More Notes of a Dirty Old Man
  25. David

    L.a. free press nov. 28 - dec. 4 1975: 4 poems

    I think the "William" in "no fuck" is William Wantling. Bukowski writes in several places about the situation after Wantling died and his wife came to California and he reports a variety of scenarios which ensued between himself and Wantling's wife. The "William" in "all the little girls" is the...