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  1. alonewiththegods

    what has happened here

    the website looks different to when I was on it last, new layout or something... google +/twitter presence etc
  2. alonewiththegods

    Ever lost all your work?

    today i accidentaly broke a usb stick which had about two years worth of writing material on it. Only some of this had been backed up. I am devastated, distraught and heartbroken and both cursing the gods of misfortune and myself for not backing up all of the work. I took it to a local shop who...
  3. alonewiththegods

    Ken Kesey anyone?

    I've recently read One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, but it took me a while to finish. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the novel, I struggled with it a bit to begin with but once it got going I thought it was really good. I've always liked the film and found the book even better. So really, I was...
  4. alonewiththegods

    Self/E-Publishing & the internet, Bukowski?

    I imagine there are a lot of writers and here and obviously/definitely a lot of readers and I was just wondering what you all made of the latest literary revolution (this time technological) that is self publishing and e-publishing with sites like amazn, cre8 space etc. on the one hand would be...
  5. alonewiththegods

    did bukowski

    ever write anything about being in a relationship but not getting laid? like being with a girl who isn't putting out? lol
  6. alonewiththegods

    completion and and publishing of 'post office' as requested

    Bukowski famously wrote and finished his first novel P.O in a month, does anyone know wether the original draft was also the ultimate and final version that we have today or were there subsequent rewrites or any edits after BSP first received it?
  7. alonewiththegods

    Just got here

    Came across bukowski not too long ago and havent stopped reading him ever since, like many people on here i imagine. Its Good to see theres such an active source of on going thought on the great works of buk :) tis pleasing.