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  1. Benvenuto

    Charles Bukowski Live DVDs: "The Last Straw" and "There's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot In Here!"

    So I am currently selling two DVDs on eBay. Here are the links: Not sure which forum category applies "on eBay" or "for sale". I chose "for sale" since I am the one who has created the ebay listings. Cheers.
  2. Benvenuto

    Bukowski's army story

    Ever since I watched "Born Into This" I was wondering if this story is true: It looks to me as some bullshit story that Bukowski came up with to hide the true reason why he was rejected. All this Bukowski/doctor conversation just doesn't sound real. In Howard Sounes book there are few...
  3. Benvenuto

    "The Charles Bukowski / Second Coming Years" by A.D.Winans

    So I finished this book few weeks ago and I have mixed feelings about it... Sure, some episodes cover interesting facts about Bukowski life, but some parts of the book goes off topic or tells about A.D.Winans own adventures. Also there's a feeling throughout the book that A.D.Winans really...