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  1. whatsayjew


    Seeing as many of you are writers artists and binderers, I was wondering how you cope with making sure you put in enough effort to see end results? Maybe it is not applicable to most of you, but I cannot seem to incite myself to do anything. I'd claim ennui but it really is just general...
  2. whatsayjew

    Literature, 2011.

    Since I always seem to miss out on most things contemporary, I was hoping some of you had recommendations of titles that have been released this year? I know Eco put forth another polemic for his erudition and everyone else's lack of, so that's one to avoid.
  3. whatsayjew

    posthumous books

    I've only read captain is out/pulp/betting on the muse, where do I go from there?
  4. whatsayjew

    need something new to read

    My reading collection has been jerked to fruition. There's no ejaculate left. I'm going book hounding tomorrow & I need some help on what to pick up. I like pessimism/neurosis/breasts. Oh and any contemporary writers that are worth a mention will do nicely. I think the latest thing I read was...
  5. whatsayjew

    Rip sweet prince

    chronicler of sex and lung cancer John Updike has died at age 75 after battling lung cancer
  6. whatsayjew

    I'm not jewish

    Neither am I anti semitic, I just find it hard to choose a formidable username. \: :/ I just wanted to throw that in the open.