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  1. Lttr Prssd

    Something for the fans of letterpress

    Posted a process thread on my blog for my latest project. This is the first print we've done completely in house, so wanted to document it from beginning to end. I snapped the pics, and the shop owner did the actual work. I was "apprenticing" at the shop for awhile, but because of the economy...
  2. Lttr Prssd

    Poem in NYQ

    A few weeks ago I got an email from the editor of the New York Quarterly asking if I was the Mark Begley who had had a poem accepted by NYQ years ago. Well, I remembered the poem, so I was obviously the right Mark Begley, but didn't remember the acceptance (and figured I would have since it...
  3. Lttr Prssd

    Your Rarest Buk Piece

    Sorry if this is a repost, noob here, but I didn't find anything like it in the first 5 pages of this thread. Mine would have to be Horsemeat, although I did own a copy of The Curtains are Waving for a few years. Both had editions of 125 and were numbered/signed. Don't think I could ever get rid...
  4. Lttr Prssd

    Taylor Hackford Documentary - Bukowski reads Bukowski

    Why has this not been re-released? The full version that is (which I've never seen). Would love to see the whole thing, remastered, etc. Is it a rights problem? I know Hackford talks about the film in Born Into This but don't recall him saying anything about a re-release or lack-thereof.
  5. Lttr Prssd

    Burn Again Press Books

    Is there a reference, here or somewhere on the interwebs, with pics of the insides of these rare pieces? I've seen the rather mundane covers, and of course the colophon pic of Cornered in Krumhansl, but have never seen the poems. Well, I did see a copy of Red at Baroque, and Cornered at Ed...
  6. Lttr Prssd


    Just discovered this forum (thanks to Mike Daily), and although I haven't read any Bukowski in about five or six years (sadly, haven't really read anything in five or six years) perusing through the threads here has revived my long standing obsession. It's late right now, but I'll come back to...