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  1. tony walton

    The senseless, tragic rape of Charles Bukowski’s ghost by John Martin’s Black Sparrow Press

    We make it our job (here, on this site) to differentiate between the Ecco press shameful editing and his pure work. I am now doing it at 11:10 pm cayman time,..........................
  2. tony walton

    Buk fans in LA?

    I go to LA alot. But live in the Cayman Islands
  3. tony walton

    Charles Bukowski & Georgia Hubbard

    I read about that.
  4. tony walton

    Gypsy Lou Webb pic from 1955

    I've recently tried to google Gypsy Lou Webb - to see if she is still alive. Seems likes she is. Would be nearing 102 now. Does anyone have better information? This is the last i've seen
  5. tony walton

    Bukowski Disappearance

    As the above links prove he didn't disapper, but what did happen from 1955 onwards is that he began to appear in alot of little magazines - and quickly became widely published in the littles.
  6. tony walton


    This is a tough joint (yea, yea, I've said it before).
  7. tony walton

    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    also, running to a draw with "Play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit" I would say War all the Time and The Last Night of the Earth Poems.
  8. tony walton

    Bukowski has finally made it

    i'm a little surprised, and happy - to hear Bukowski mentioned on Coronation street. He'll be mentioned on EastEnders next.
  9. tony walton

    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    Play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit and War all the time
  10. tony walton

    Snaggletooth’s Daughter: A Memoir

    Thanks for posting this. Interesting.
  11. tony walton

    Tips for my Bachelor's theses secondary literature

    The documentary "Born into This" (2003) and the Taylor Hackford 1973 documentary(black and white) are both excellent audio/visual sources to get you started. Both are on youtube, with the Taylor Hackford documentary uploaded in parts (perhaps 7, not sure).
  12. tony walton


    Some mean kids in this forum.
  13. tony walton

    A Bukowski Zine 2017

    I will submit my 2 cents
  14. tony walton

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    Brilliant stuff! You are heralded!
  15. tony walton

    Outgrowing Bukowski

    I never tire of Bukowski. His view becomes clearer and more vital every day. He speaks of the marrow of things and skips the metaphors and bore.
  16. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    Good to know. I would like to attend but I am speak English only. Would that be an issue? Tony
  17. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    I was chatting with her daughter on facebook - and thought it would be cool. Do you have contact details?
  18. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    Would you consider her as a speaker?
  19. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    Have your tried to get Pamela Miller? - as a speaker. I just (an hour ago) finished her book - and was impressed.
  20. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    Thanks much! Sounds like something that cannot be missed. I was thinking whether my lack of German would be an problem.
  21. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    Thanks! - for such a quick response. Do you have a link about the symposium? Perhaps an itinerary for the event? Would love to find out all about it - and will go! (one more question: percentage of international goers, as i'm fluent in German)
  22. tony walton

    Bukowski Conventions

    I've searched the internet to see if there are any scheduled events in 2017 in Europe or North America (German Bukowski Society is certainly active). Anyone know?
  23. tony walton

    The mystery of Jane C. Cooney (Baker)

    Interesting stuff. I've read through the thread and couldn't figure out what descendants she would have ( her sibling's grandchildren?).
  24. tony walton

    if you like bukowski...

    Eileen Myles, maybe. (Although she would resist this idea!)
  25. tony walton

    Gypsy Lou Webb pic from 1955

    She lives in Slidell, Louisiana - still alive by all counts.