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  1. roni

    Paintings/Drawings that show Bukowski (not BY Bukowski)

    At least the skin-surface is matching
  2. roni

    Bukowski Handwriting Sample

    To me, this looks like it was written with the paper on a soft, uneven surface. Like he had held the paper on his lap while writing on it. It doesn't look like anything of his handwriting I've seen before. that was my first thought too. But handwritings change over decades. So maybe - with a...
  3. roni

    Musso and Frank's

    I also seem to remember, it was mentioned in the interview with Gundolf Freyermuth on August 15, 1993 which became the basis of Freyermuth's book "That's it". But not sure.
  4. roni

    On Love

    German edition out now.
  5. roni

    What are you drinking?

    Thanks. You should have seen us two hours later. Both of us...
  6. roni

    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    Hi casperbyrd, it would be my greatest of pleasures to say something contradicting mjp, but unfortunately, he's right in every point he came up with. Sorry lad. p.s.: Musso's comes with a prize-tag. Just sayin' in case you expect something where you can eat on a budget. p.p.s.: still, it...
  7. roni

    Classical Music Anyone?

    another anecdote is that he even took his stool to sit on while playing with him on the journey (when he was still giving concerts) for no other stools did him right.
  8. roni

    What are you drinking?

    While I'm cat-sitting (this is not what you think, you perverts!) for a friend, I made myself a Martini-coctail to consume on her balcony. Then another one. note: There have to be two olives in a Martini.
  9. roni

    art & artists

    Yeah, EGON SCHIELE is one great kickass. Last fall, there's been an exhibition only like 80km away from me and I got a friend to drive us there. Focus of that exhibition was on his self-portraits. I also managed to have the publishers of the accompanying cataloque giving it to me as a...
  10. roni

    Net worth

    No, he wouldn't. Does anyone have an idea, where I've read about the "August 1990"-thing? Can't remember.
  11. roni

    sotheby's auction

    item's nice, but what a prize.
  12. roni

    Net worth

    Somewhere I've read, that he was entitled to receive his pension only as late as August 1990. I can't recall, where I've read that. It was long ago. Couldbe Sounes.
  13. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    sure she is. Rumour has it, a few years ago she even convinced her mother to give up the international leg of her career as an opera-singer because flying on a plane is destroying the planet. Still I love her. She started all alone on her first day, because she couldn't find One single...
  14. roni

    Net worth

    That's my point: With the kind of money we're talking about, he'd easily been able to live off the interest alone, so that the money itself would not have to be touched. In fact, with his modest livestyle he'd even been able to let his savings grow further. Free from work for a livetime, how...
  15. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    now THAT is one statement, ain't it?
  16. roni

    Bukowski and social media

    I'm with you, that he'd be available to publish online, but I doubt he'd do, what could be considered "self-publishing". I'd guess one of his friends, fans, publishers, (etc) would ask him to make this for him and he'd agree. Like, yeah, go on kid, if you think it's any worth, but just don't...
  17. roni

    Net worth

    That's one of my points: We know, he was presumably about to get fired anyway, so WHY the hell did he wait till he got this offer from JM? [the question is still as valid if he didn't wait for but asked for the money-offer] We know, he was suffering in the job for years, getting destroyed by it...
  18. roni

    Signed first edition?

    I guess everyone here can relate to this. It IS a special feeling when you first have such a marvelous thing in hand. Makes your heart run wild. Having said that, I have an info for you that may be either seen as a great opportunity or as a let-down: it is possible to find a copy of this very...
  19. roni

    Bukowski and social media

    well, he always detested the habit of some underground writers publishing each other in their little mags no matter the quality just to get published themselves. So I guess the sheer possibility to get something published just anyway without a sort of quality-management would not have attracted...
  20. roni

    Net worth

    it sure IS strange (and always intrigued me). Here we have this this guy getting WRECKED by his job (at least claiming so over and over), a guy who used to be careful (or let's say: not totally careless) with money at least in his later years (and I bet this started not later than with the...
  21. roni

    The Whitman thread

    a little colaboration of uncle Walt and me on occasion of his 200th birthday today, I've just posted on fb: "I do not think 200 years is the time of a poet or poem, Nor that years will ever stop existence. Is it wonderful that Walt Whitman should be immortal? as every one is immortal...
  22. roni

    For sale more Bukowski periodicals

    some nice things you have. Why you part? Financial needs?
  23. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    Yesterday was another worldwide-demo for the cause of saving the planet. Been there, done that: the yellow side of my sign says: "Destroying Our Planet? - Go Ahead!" [yes...
  24. roni

    a girl from nowhere really love Bukowski

    yes, I can READ Chinese (not understand), only it does sound funny when I read it aloud. But that's on purpose.
  25. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    just sayin ...