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  1. David

    Celine controversy in France

    Just received this in my Google alerts--interesting that Bukowski is being brought into this... FRENCH JEWS PROTEST REPRINT OF ANTISEMITIC ESSAYS FROM HOLOCAUST ERA
  2. David

    Partially Not Bukowski and Bukowski

    I've got a couple of books coming out this month: The Spiritual Imagination of the Beats and Conversations with Gary Snyder. In October, Fischer will publish the German translation of The Bell Tolls for No One. And for Buk fans, I am editing a fifth book of Bukowski's stories and essays which...
  3. David

    Unpublished 1957 story , "A Dollar for Carl Larsen"

    A few pages from an unpublished, illustrated 1957 story on PBA--not all the pages are posted on PBA.
  4. David

    your own toilet

    Here's a terrific one, from PBA, one of his "found poems," I think uncollected.
  5. David


    Andernach not often in the news--thought it might be of interest...Andernach and communal garden...
  6. David

    Ham on Rye on ABE cult list

    Looks like Ham on Rye is on "cult book list"---their definition of "cult" however seems a bit odd to me since I'm not sure I'd include many of these on that list....
  7. David

    The Star, Oui magazine

    Here are first few pages of "The Star", originally published in Oui and then in Betting on the Muse.
  8. David

    Robert Duncan Martinized

    I'm reading a book on the poet Robert Duncan by Patrick O'Leary and apparently there was a serious altercation with Martin. Black Sparrow was going to publish a book of Duncan's but the book was never published. I wondered why this happened. One source of the disagreement may have been the...
  9. David

    Koff 3

    Interesting background on Koff #3, the famous Bukowski calendar...
  10. David


    1990 poem entitled "curious"--didn't find it when I searched--for sale on eBay. Unless it has another title?
  11. David

    Age - Ole 1 - 1964

    Just found this on eBay: Ole 1, 1964 with a poem "age" which has been altered in The People Look Like Flowers at Last.
  12. David

    Danny Brown/Bukowski

    I'm out of the loop with rap, but one of my students told me today that a rapper from Detroit named Danny Brown has a song which mentions Buk--"Pac Blood"....
  13. David


    the poem "dead" appeared in Bone Palace Ballet (1997) and also in OntheBus 19/20 (2005). Compare the two versions. I'll bet the editor of OntheBus Jack Grapes was working from an earlier manuscript submission, because note what has been removed from the Bone Palace Ballet version. Do we have a...
  14. David

    Henry Miller

    For any Henry Miller fans out there, my book on Miller has just been published in Europe in same "Critical Lives" series as my book on Bukowski (2012). Due out soon in States. I discovered lots of connections between the two German-Americans and include a section on Buk and Miller...
  15. David

    Buk as Che?

    About the oddest I've seen...
  16. David

    ABE Bukowski Titles/Post Office and Women

    Looks like a few Buk titles made it onto this ABE [Advanced Book Exchange...I always thought it was American Book Exchange] list.
  17. David

    Thomas Brasch

    Found this photo online of German writer Thomas Brasch...I think this may have been previously posted, but no luck finding it on Search.
  18. David

    Ecco E-Book

    Looks like Ecco is coming out with a quintuplet next month...
  19. David

    musings, Antaeus No. 73/74, Spring 1994

    Some pretty good zingers in this one...
  20. David

    Three Versions of "Nirvana"

    Interesting to have three film versions of "Nirvana" in one place....Curious that this particular poem gets so much attention...
  21. David

    Two apparently uncollecteds from Silver, 1972

    "Iron and Stone" and "Down on the Row" from Silver, 1972. Just found the mag on Ebay.
  22. David

    Bukowski's Women go fashionista

    Appalling in a bad way...They got hammered pretty good for this one...
  23. David

    Frajndlich Photos

    I have not seen the first three of these photos before; the next three I have seen, but wonder about the last one. Was this discussed on the forum before? I seem to recall it was...I wonder about the details of the photo session...According to the web, these are all by Abe Frajndlich.
  24. David

    Recent events in S.B. Odd, but I thought of Buk too after hearing the news....I wonder if this guy haunts How else could he know there are several versions of a poem? [Three minutes...
  25. David

    Karen Finley

    Karen Finley has a story here--"An Affair to Remember"--- which also appears in Drinking with Bukowski. She details a relationship with Buk, a trip to St. Barts (!), Richard Brautigan, etc. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about Finley/Buk--can't find any information about it online or...