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  1. pipelinecosby

    pba upcoming

    pba buk most notable are the farsi book covers...
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    Database updated

    Broadside add for He Went For The Windmills, Yes from Brewton last year
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    Bukowski at PBA Galleries July 14th

    The prices i pulled from the site are the hammer price, they are not the purchase price which includes the hammer price, buyer’s premiuma and California state and local sales taxes.
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    Bukowski at PBA Galleries July 14th

    oh man, why am i doing all this work? i have 188710 total, did you remove the premiums? buk auction anyway, pba uses value optimized pricing strategy and they sure offer more value than EVERY real estate agent ive ever known.
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    Bukowski at PBA Galleries July 14th

    Very exciting auction happening, too bad i missed the first hundred lots. as a broadside collector im happy to see some of the prices
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    just a little help from your friends

    Scotch and water. I've had a rule with each time I've sat at a bar with my(a) girl, I'd ask for a scotch and water. Most times I was disappointed from both parties. anyway, find yourself a good liqueurman and gets his recommendation for a good everyday drinking whiskey...
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    10:30 P.M.

    Sometimes the truth hurts.
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    If you could ask bukowski one question.....

    "You know what a shit-barometer is, DennisLovesTheBeer ? Measures the shit-pressure in the air. You can feel it. Listen, DennisLovesTheBeer . Hear that? The sounds of the whispering winds of shit. Can you hear it?... Oh, but you will, my sorry little friend, when the old shit-barometer rises...
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    Bukowski Books for Sale

    Id be interested in your broadside list , Bill. Of course no rush here, im still recovering from the pba auction...
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    Buk's horse racing logic

    Its a good idea to drink responsibly as it is to gamble responsibly. Gambling can be fun and entertaining. Some people spend $20 at the movies, some spend $20 for a blow job. whatever. Ill occasionally spend $25 at the track. I won $224 on a 10c superfecta box bet a few weeks ago. Pick 3's and...
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    PBA Galleries

    I ended up paying $75 each for 6 broadsides; 3 signed and some duplicates. As a somewhat noob Buk collector with a specific interest in broadsides, I was not happy at all with how they lumped some of the broadside lots together. Buk hand marbled each of the Chilled Green broadsides and even...
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    PBA Galleries

    my screensaver has kicked in about 4-5 times during these manuscripts, but someone? on the floor is eating them like candy....
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    PBA Galleries

    This is auction is crazy, scotch and water please.
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    PBA Galleries

    at least as much... The PBA office is in the middle of where an enormous amount of the worlds software is created and they cant produce a spreadsheet or better webapp for customers? fuck their 20% mark up.
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    PBA Galleries

    Well, a watermark is just that; a mark, indicating the maker. But this water mark has a context of 'not for copy' that indicates some sort of right by the maker of the digital artifact. As for cleansing of hands, I can not imagine what type of industrial strength solvents would be needed to...
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    PBA Galleries

    Damn long hairs! This auction is an amazing treasure chest of digitized buk media. I've noticed that not all the images are watermarked, probably just a oversight for now.
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    PBA Galleries

  18. pipelinecosby

    Rare Bukowski and Not-So-Rare Bukowski

    Whats that famous quotation about temptation?
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    Which do you prefer: Bukowski poems, short stories, or novels

    Work it out Black Swan, that was eloquent! As it stands now, I've only read Women. I first fell in love with the short stories and mainly read those exclusively all the while trying to read the poetry. The poetry was like my first listening of Jimi Hendrix, abrasive. But man i tell ya, keeping...
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    Post Office - 1 of 50

    I think you're right chronic. a***t has the high bid with 45 mins left. gee i wonder who that is?
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    Post Your Bukowski Collection

    Ill tell ya though what will make you go mad about broadsides, going to the frame shop! My "Note upon" got the $50 'poster special' (with UV glass). Im still unsure how to deal with their presentation economically. I don't want them just 'filed away' like at the library! You can come pee (if you...
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    Post Your Bukowski Collection

    dirty broads If anyone wishes to donate any BSP 1966 run broads, shoot me a mail! Not pictured is a signed "Love Poem to Marina" and "Playing it Out"
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    ebay broadside

    I must have brain farted the $75 price for the publication year, the start bid is even lower! Or did i just give away my max bid? crap. Anyway I do own a signed/numbered copy and the 'to' typo exists. I always thought it adds to the charm and havent seen any fixed copies.
  24. pipelinecosby

    ebay broadside

    I think this just popped up and am more curious if someone has a Krumhansl 52 to verify if other outside the 50 copies signed exist. This is a signed "Face of a Political Candidate on a Street Billboard" not numbered. is it a steal for $75? is a numbered copy considered less rare than an...