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    San Pedro International Film Festival

    If MJP is there - I'm there!
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    Recommended Bukowski books for newbie

    I started out reading short stories like Tales of Ordinary Madness, Notes of a Dirty Old Man, etc... Then moved to poems and novels. It's all subjective. Just hit your local library and check out a few random books. You'll either get it or you won't.
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    Buk Inspired writings

    One reason I've stuck around here for so long is because there is no use poetry posted.
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    Bukowski and his reader's drinking habits

    It's the humor that comforts me. I find a lot of humor in Buk's writing. It's like a warm blanket sometimes. Haven't you ever been so out of it you need to stay in bed for a couple days just to recharge? Milk is the worst thing you can consume freshly hungover.
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    Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns

    It's been almost 20 years since I've read that book. Close... time is getting strange in old age.
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    Bukowski and his reader's drinking habits

    I do tend to read him more when I am hungover, nursing myself back to life.
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    Laugh Literary and Man the Humping Guns

    I think you're right about that title. I believe this was discussed in one of the letter books... but my memory is a little hazy at the moment.
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    loving and hating charles bukowski

    Agreed. I enjoyed Pam's book more than Linda's. It's too bad it was never edited.
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    Happy Birthday Hank !

    Happy birthday, Buk! I'm going camping today. Hope I don't get lost in the woods like that story in Women. I'll drink a few for the old man. Cheers.
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    Bukowski Sober Years

    He would quit for a few weeks here & there when he was with Linda King, but then they'd fight (mostly his instigating) and he'd be back on a drunk again. "The Icecream People" is one poem about being sober.
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    Better than Buk

    I've felt that way before. There are many other writers I enjoy, but Bukowski is by-far my favorite. No one makes me laugh like Bukowski. I see a lot of people online trying to write like him, ripping off his style, subject matter, etc. There can never be another Bukowski. He was one of a kind...
  12. ESO9 facelift

    There's always the wayback machine for those who can't get enough of yesteryear.
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    The day Bukowski died

    I got monumentally drunk.
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    My favorite Buk books of the moment

    Right now I'm reading "Beerspit Night and Cursing," but I'm having a major issue reading Sheri Martinelli's letters. The way she types. I agree about The Captain. I read it about once a year. I enjoy his day to day activities. As mundane as they may be at times, I still enjoy it.
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    Bukowski books - full text online

    Agreed. I prefer to hold a book in my hands and read. My eyes start bleeding after a few pages of a PDF file.
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    Marriage & Eyes

    Thanks for clearing that up, mjp.
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    Marriage & Eyes

    There are hints in various books of letters, like "Beerspit" where he claimed to be married twice (before Linda.) So my guess is he actually did marry Jane, but never admitted it in public? Who else could it have been before Barbara?
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    Linda King on Skidrow Studios Radio show - Today

    I hope this gets archived.
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    if you like bukowski...

    I just read "Weep Not, My Wanton" and "In the Dust Zone." I enjoyed both of them very much.
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    Selected Letters - PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Widdis: That is true. I forgot all about that story. It's been a long time since I read that bio.
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    Selected Letters - PLEASE HELP!!!!

    I think it was William S. Burroughs. But then again, I don't think Burroughs requested to meet him. Buk just happened to have the chance and declined.
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    Interview with Lee Mallory about Bukowski:

    No myth. He's written about having Christmas trees in his place before - mostly due to the women he was with.
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    Waits and Buk

    I remember reading about this, but never saw it. Thanks.
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    Oh, I see now... "I thought of rushing in, wanking the cat and running, but I didn't have the nerve. "
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    Right. I hear you , Bos. The sentence isn't the least bit familiar either.