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  1. homeless mind

    The bone-chilling horror of CENSORSHIP in a supposedly free world!

    David: I'm not sure if this will be posted or not. Censorship is at a high level here. Makes me think of the movie, "Bully." Disagree, and be censored. Open forums are closed to those with differing opines. Yeah, Father Luke ran out of gas. And without Bukowski, who would MJP be? Another blogger...
  2. homeless mind

    Parachute Opens Differently

    Anyone know the band, Parachute? They just stripped down a song for big business. Here's a verbal clip: Island Def Jam played Parachute for Nivea, which liked the band's sound but pushed to refashion its single "She Is Love." Island...
  3. homeless mind

    Best line from the forums?

    Read any decent responses here lately? :eek: Why not share 'em with me/us? This could be fun. No rules; profanity appreciated: JK. Keep it to one liners, if possible. And no prior line (qualification of line/response) necessary. Here are two, scribed by none-other than the Bruce...
  4. homeless mind

    Happy St Beer Day

    To all my friends... What are you drinking today? And Eating tonight? Becks here...Dark. And some corned beef and cabbage - how original... Cheers!
  5. homeless mind

    Dazed & Confused

    I know there are some bashers of Zep here. But I'll go on record saying they kick fucking ass. And anyone who's seen the two DVD set entitled, Led Zeppelin, lotsa early stuff from the '70s, may agree. As a band, they were tight. Four unique individuals who excelled in their own way "”...
  6. homeless mind

    Boredom Is God's Revenge...

    "Boredom Is God's Revenge..." U2. Band I've seen. Really, really dig "” from Boy to October to War to The Joshua Tree, and on and on. While reading an article on both Hunter Gonzo Thompson (and Marlene Dumas, very interesting artist) in Esquire (January, 2009) "” I came across an article (Me...
  7. homeless mind

    And then for no reason we started discussing musicals...

    Let it Be is killer in that movie. Watching it right now. Fucking killer. Pax
  8. homeless mind

    other Titles for mjp

    Pulled from another thread, but this could be fun. Let me be the first to react. I've got two I like. From me. And God save the queen. Now don't be bashful; and the rules are you can post what other people have called him. Some digging needs to be done here. Chickens need not apply. And...
  9. homeless mind

    Run With The Hunted Mystery (To Me)

    Is anyone familiar with the Harper Collins version of "Run With The Hunted?" Not the massive release, with the gray cover, which i have, too. But the one with black material cover. It's got the initials, cb embossed (?) on the front cover "” (also embossed on the spine is the book title...
  10. homeless mind

    Perception of THE DOORS

    Okay. I finally took the bait. It was the fine print that lit my fire. ;) To any who are not a Doors' fan, skip this thread, as you will be bored out of your fucking mind; and, also if you're 27, as you may croak upon reading. Like Jim, Jimi, Janis, Brian Jones, "Pigpen," and Pamela...
  11. homeless mind

    Gasparilla Day

    Well, about 1,000,000 people are about to take over my hamlet tomorrow. And to think, the Super Bowl was here last week... Has anyone heard of this event? Been to it? It's like Mardi Gras, with a Pirate twist. (Let me further qualify, one writer called it Animal House for adults.) Here's a...
  12. homeless mind

    Favorite Bukowski You OWN

    I assume, most of us are BUK collectors here. :rolleyes: I have a laundry list of Bukowski that I own, like many peeps here. It's taken me a long time (almost two decades), but my collection is pretty dang cool. So those who are just starting to collect, cheers, move forward, and you will...
  13. homeless mind

    Super Bowl

    Are any BUKnet members planning on attending the game?
  14. homeless mind

    Airplane Lands Safely In Hudson River

    Amazing; has anyone seen this yet on the news? Incredible story of good fortune...:)
  15. homeless mind

    Shooting In Oakland

    Just read about this today. Seems surreal. What are they saying in Oakland? I know some members here live in that area...
  16. homeless mind

    Grapefruit # 17 - eBay?

    this story starts like many do, with a wife picking grapefruits in a back yard in florida. and a miracle happens. here's how it all path to an eBay fortune, hopefully. we live in tampa, florida, and have five grapefruit trees, a mango tree, two papaya trees, and a japanese pear...
  17. homeless mind

    Rare Hand-Written Book - by Father Luke

    I'm not sure if peeps here are aware, but Padre has a hand-written book up for sale. At an incredible price, I may add... I, for one, have placed my order. Can't wait to get it. By the time you read this, it may be sold out already. But check with him, as I don't know. I believe there will...
  18. homeless mind

    Greatest Guitarists - Yesterday & Today

    Here are three of my (more to follow) votes: [This video is unavailable.] [This video is unavailable.]
  19. homeless mind

    FOR SALE - On eBay Now - Buk Purdy Letters V

    As promised round two. Buk-Purdy Letters on eBay. 180303567783 Any Qs, LMK! And TX to all for your help!!!! Pax, homeless mind
  20. homeless mind

    Bukowski - Purdy Letters "V"

    For those who haven't seen. Willing to sell. Still researching prices (Abe, PBA, eBay, other places). Still feeling my way around here, so hope this is place to post. At worst, this should be interesting to those who haven't seen all the stuff associated with this book. Pretty elaborate in...
  21. homeless mind

    Three Rare (?) Mags Containing Buk

    Just came across these three little mags. Bought about 15 years ago in NYC at Gotham Book Mart - Where Wise Men Fish. Can anyone help me out with info or value? (A) Downhere is issue #1, Number One from 1966. Contains Bukowski letters. (B) The Shore Review #12 & #13. 1974. (C) Ole...
  22. homeless mind

    Homeless Mind Says Hey!

    Greetings to all. Just wanted to say hey! In sunny Florida at the moment. Longtime collector. Even longer reader. Pax That was pretty dang boring. Been reading Buk since I found a copy of Roominghouse Madrigals in a used book store in Albany NY. Hooked ever since. Have collected...
  23. homeless mind

    FOR SALE - On eBay Now - Terror Street #16

    Terror Street #16 Here is a very short list of my Buk collection (have much more). Looking to sell some pieces. Have collected for 20 years. Need some input; have checked out Abe, PBA and some other sites. Better to sell direct here or through auction houses? Alot of my stuff is numbered...