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    Finally...Story Magazine '44 in my Possession

    LOL, know how you feel. Just saw this thread. I think I had posted $330 before I left for work. Didn't expect that bid to win, still a little dissapointment when it didn't followed immediately by the relief of not havin'g to part with that money.
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    Women forgery?

    Hadn't been to ebay in awhile and thought I would see what was there. I wouldn't be bidding on this even if I could afford too. Any regular readers of this forum probably know well enough not to bid on this anyhow, just more a word of warning.
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    Women forgery?

    Just found this on ebay. Thought the signature looked funny, and that it was a softcover with no photo of printing year or edition number. Then I scrolled...
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    Poem where Buk calls pitches at a baseball game

    Thats the one, hooch. Thank you!
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    Poem where Buk calls pitches at a baseball game

    Buk and his lady go to a baseball game, and she ends up leaving because he gets too drunk. After she leaves, he proceeds to call every pitch correctly before its thrown, "Ball!" "Strike!" "Base hit!" The crowd rallies around him, he goes home and tells his lady what a great man he is and how he...
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    What's the strangest thing that you have ever eaten?

    I've had muktuk(whale blubber) and it was awful. It was raw, and some people fry it, but I can't see it being any better fried. Eskimo ice cream, which is just lard(I didn't ask what kind) mixed with raspberries and blueberries, also an aquired taste. Crocodile was pretty tasty, served fried...
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    Howdy from Denver CO

    Kilgore, I'm in Steamboat Springs and am in and out of Denver once a month or so, I'll have to check out your shop next time im there. I'm new too!
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    What are you drinking?

    For beer, Newcastle or 90 shilling for a 'darker' beer, Peroni for lager, PBR or Olympia for a cheap 12 pack. Jameson or crown on the rocks, mixed drinks I hit vodka tonic-drinking alot of greyhounds lately (vodka grapefruit). Wine, its my girlfriends choice usually a Pinot Grigio, which has...
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    A Man with No Talents -- Oyama Shiro

    I'm all for new books, especially new authors. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definately check it out. Out of curiousity, who else would you compare him to besides Bukowski?
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    Signed "For Pamela" Books

    YOU! I would've gladly bumped up the bidding price on that if I wasn't at work. I was unable to get to a computer at the time, and both of the books I bid on went for $103. I especially wanted War with the little man doodle. The next Pamela goes on the block in an hour, I really hope the rest of...