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    thanks, so did he like some fighter in particular or just liked the sport? did he ever talk about it openly?
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    so,being a fan of the sport and re uping the thread,im curious about,,,, was buk keen regarding boxing?,did he actually attend boxing matches?what was his opinion about the sport?
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #7

    is good to know this forum is still alive and well
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    Girl On The Escalator vid

    cant agree more with the above post , nothing beats the original
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    Axl Rose joins AC/DC

    the things one has to read nowadays
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    R.I.P Lemmy Kilmister

    never liked his music, but kudos for inspiring much musicians i listen to
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    BIG empty...

    So as most of you know, or many of you for that matter, the lead singer of STP is dead, wasn't that a big shock to me, knowing the way Scott was, i really like the band when i first heard them in the middle 90's didn't hook me up that hard as many other bands did at that time, but hey! they were...
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    Leonardo DiCaprio: 'I knew Charles Bukowski as a child'

    so... there IS something interesting about Di Caprio in his life!
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    Bukowski Belgian Documentary/Interview (1987)

    thanks for those links to everyone
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    people who record concerts on their cell phones

    for what is worth? nothing more then to upload their shitty videos on youtube and post a facebook link so all your friends can see and maybe click on the"like" button. most of these assholes dont storage shit and they don't care, they are just attention whores.
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    ah yes, never saw that one before, looks promising
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    (you guys are so funney) btw which movie is that still from?
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    welcome, love the avatar
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    Bukowski, directed by James Franco

    most of the actors were pretty boys potraying Hank, Barfly was outstanding, Factotum was ok, not that bad actually IMO, i hope this new project isn't the exception.
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    the last straw

    no problem regarding any region, my dvd player can play, or at least it reads region 1, thing is Amazon charges twice the shipping price to Mexico... so i think i'm getting one at a local record store, i just checked in for a copy.
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    the last straw

    been looking for this for lets say couple of years, no luck until now [Video link removed - buy it you cheap bastards. -ed]
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - Mark IV

    Rip to the best keyboardist of the greatest band ever [This video is unavailable.]
  18. desertlizard

    RIP Jeff Hanneman - Slayer

    most here aren't metal heads, but sure he was one of the greatest Rip
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    On the Road (film)

    Not one of the best movies that i ve seen in a while, but worth watching
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know - Mark IV

    the Godfather of Goth...or so they say, and company
  21. desertlizard

    Good Documentaries

    do any of you guys think "the importance of being Morrissey" is it any good?