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  1. Purple Stickpin

    Why the Beatles?

    Good lord, who the @#$% spends time thinking up this crap? McCartney was and still is a great musician, but he's over-rated in some contexts and under-rated in others. I don't feel like discussing either. But clown? Ass-clown, more like.
  2. Purple Stickpin

    Identifying a Short Story

    I've had some lean moments in my life but fortunately, I've never had to resort to eating a toilet plunger.
  3. Purple Stickpin

    Greta Thunberg

    Look man, I'm an environmental scientist. Have been for nearly 25 years. Things aren't all that good but they aren't all that bad. At least in the context of your son's lifetime. Count me among those who feel as if we should do all we can to combat it, but we're also likely dealing with a...
  4. Purple Stickpin

    a youngster from portugal, here...

    Welcome João. Be sure to check out The Priest and the Matador; The Tragedy of the Leaves; Old Man, Dead in a Room and Dinosauria, We. And (just about) everything else released during his lifetime.
  5. Purple Stickpin

    Bukowski Weekend

    I used to live about six-seven blocks from that place. When it opened, it had very little to do with Buk, to be honest, and the music was too loud (and I listen to music LOUD) but it has developed its own sense of character over the years. My wife and I went there about a year ago and the vibe...
  6. Purple Stickpin

    Bukowski Weekend

    Unleashing Bukowski
  7. Purple Stickpin

    What Are You Reading?

    In keeping with my usual "nothing or just about everything" philosophy, I'm deep into Archie Hill's A Cage of Shadows, Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front (3rd read since about 1985) and Sylvia Plath's The Collected Poems. I'm also musing about a dichotomously comparative essay...
  8. Purple Stickpin

    new chapbook on buk

    The 2011/12/13 Jahrbuch der Charles-Bukowski-Gesellschaft contains (in English) a 20-page article entitled The Genius Emerges: On Some Early Bukowski Poems by David (based on his address at the 2011 symposium). So, it's not clear if there's some difference in content here.
  9. Purple Stickpin

    Shits and Giggles

    That is seriously messed up.
  10. Purple Stickpin

    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    I observed something quite similar when I went to New Orleans in 2010. I accumulated three addresses for LouJon Press and sought them out. I found two of the three and not a bit of evidence of anything remotely related to LouJon Press. Fortunately, Pirate's Alley is still there and I likely...
  11. Purple Stickpin

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    For many years I've hated jazz/rock fusion, but this checks every box for me (the All White groove starts at 0:53 and it's greasy as greasy gets thanks primarily to John Marshall's drumming):
  12. Purple Stickpin

    Your favorite beer?

    Singha is my favorite these days.
  13. Purple Stickpin

    Database updated

    Most of why the DB is so good is mjp's tireless devotion to it. But without our input and some cross-checking by him to verify our musings, it wouldn't benefit from the variety of input and thus be of the scope it has now reached. Which is more or less a wind-bag way of saying "all input welcome."
  14. Purple Stickpin

    27 y.o. Madman and writer from Nowhere, Ohio

    I have Ole 7 but the way it's staple-bound I can't possibly scan it and there's no way to remove the staples and ever hope to get them back in. As for poems, just go to the manuscripts drop-down on the main site and browse away.
  15. Purple Stickpin

    Database updated

    Actually, since it first appeared in Poetry Now, Vol. 2, No. 2, it probably should be circa 1975. But I know well that the management here appreciates watchful eyes on the database. The idea of getting it perfect seems impossible, but that would seem to be the goal.
  16. Purple Stickpin

    How semi-autobiographical is Notes, really?

    I don't know that the actual report that Buk filled out for the post office is readily available (I could be wrong) but on the main site here, go to the "More" pull-down menu and select FBI Files. On that page you can access the files, which include arrest records and other related FBI findings...
  17. Purple Stickpin


    "Primary literature" is used in the science field to designate journals and/or reference books of generally known (high) quality in contrast to less authoritative sources. For example, any journal published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) or Elsevier (which includes Academic Press and...
  18. Purple Stickpin

    pour me another one

    And the Lesley speaker is what made the Beatles' Tomorrow Never Knows vocal track so unique in its day. After all, a microphone and a speaker are, oddly, almost (actually?) the same thing. So a speaker can be used as a microphone. The Lesley spins on a central axis to provide a swirling effect...
  19. Purple Stickpin

    Some Notes on More Notes of a Dirty Old Man

    I was reading Space Creatures the other day, a funny poem about some odd folks at the track. It's collected in War All The Time and also appears in Wormwood 90. Needless to say, the BSP version is significantly different. For a while, we were of the opinion that these edits only commenced with...
  20. Purple Stickpin

    Woody Allen Movies

    Buk must have missed Take the Money and Run.
  21. Purple Stickpin

    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - all appearances

    Thanks to both you and Digney in Burnaby. Yeoman's work to be sure.
  22. Purple Stickpin

    pLopLop Editor Exhibits Automatic Drawings

    I can't blame you for that; gotta draw the line somewhere. What I was wondering was the title of that poem he mentions. Odd that he didn't mention it. Might be an interesting read.
  23. Purple Stickpin

    pLopLop Editor Exhibits Automatic Drawings

    pLopLop #4 is in the DB, but #3 is not.
  24. Purple Stickpin

    Guitars, basses and other noisemakers

    When Lennon stripped his Epiphone Casino in 1967/68 he stated at some point that this really "opened up the sound," or something to that effect. I can see how stripping a finish on a hollow body like that could have a marked effect, but if one then refinished it, the difference in sound should...