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  1. Andreas

    Greta Thunberg

    I think people worry about the speed of the changes. If you are 50+ or 40+ you can see the changes, and you don't have to look far away to see them. I live in a temperate zone. No earthquakes, no hurricanes, no floods. But the weather and the environment have changed a lot since I was a kid...
  2. Andreas

    And then Bukowski said, "When I am gone, erect a bronze statue and worship my likeness for eternity!"

    Finally all of these stupid Bible stories make sense. Well, at least some of them.
  3. Andreas

    Approach No. 27 - 1958 - "The Gypsies Near Del Mar"

    One of my favorites from The Roominghouse Madrigals. And Bukowski's first appearance in Approach, according to the editors. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Andreas

    Thirst Trap

    There are a lot of Mr. Diamonds out there. Who cares?
  5. Andreas


    Nice to hear that you found such a pleasant and quiet place to live in. And hell, yes, the fucking leaf blowers! I don't know when they showed up first over here, maybe a decade ago, but I've been cursing at those dirty and noisy blowers ever since.
  6. Andreas

    Ein schöne Grüß, vom Onkel Heinrich!

    Hello Gallagher. If you are from Germany you need to work on your German. Welcome!
  7. Andreas

    new chapbook on buk

    I guess it‘s the same essay, unless David reworked the original. It‘s a great article, by the way. I‘ve read it many times.
  8. Andreas

    new chapbook on buk

    The essay appeared in the BUKOWSKI YEARBOOK 2011/12/13, didn't it?
  9. Andreas

    One for the Shoeshine Man

    One for the Shoeshine Man is one of the rare cases where I prefer the Black Sparrow version of the poem. It feels tighter and more fluent. The two appearances above differ in a lot of passages, not only in the one Dr. Zobraks pointed out. Maybe Bukowski himself reworked the original.
  10. Andreas

    The Mathematics of the Breath and the Way

    Looking forward to that one. The book format hopefully differs from the pocket-sized original.
  11. Andreas

    To Weep In Her Hair

    I'm glad that one's been collected in Machinegun 1. Always thought it's one of the better ones from PLAY THE PIANO.
  12. Andreas

    To Weep In Her Hair

    Does anyone have an idea who the 'great soprano' in this poem is? My guess would be Maria Callas.
  13. Andreas

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    A Casual Game of Chess. Hilarious.
  14. Andreas

    Doubt about Women (please! help me!)

    Please reword the next question, PhillyDave.
  15. Andreas

    Which is your favorite poetry book?

    I've just read my woman something from Dangling. She's affected by the death of a well-known Russian singer. Guess which poem I read her. Right, it's strange. Bukowski for everyday use.
  16. Andreas

    the late season - Stephen Hines

    I left out one of the longer stories intentionally, think it was the book cellar. I just couldn't endure the thought of finishing this book. Plus it's a nice feeling that there's still something to read...
  17. Andreas

    pour me another one

    Some parts of the poem (notes upon the flaxen aspect) don't necessarily have to be connected to each other. If you just see it as thoughts running through an author's mind then you might get a better understanding of it. I like Bukowski's name-dropping. Germaine Greer, for example. She wrote a...
  18. Andreas

    What are you drinking?

    "I particularly enjoyed the Hofbrauhaus Dunkel..." Here's another one from Freising, Germany:
  19. Andreas

    art & artists

    Sometimes I am inclined to compare a painting with a chess position. Or a chess problem. Even though the latter has to be solved to unfold its beauty and deepness. Last month I participated in a team competition in Denmark. The walls of the building we played in were hung with works by Danish...
  20. Andreas

    What Are You Reading?

    The Nazi & The Barber, a novel by Edgar Hilsenrath. Sometimes you only learn about people after they have died. Hilsenrath died on December 30th 2018 at the age of 92. A German Jew who lived in the US from 1951 to 1975. The Nazi & The Barber is the story of mass murderer Max Schulz. After World...
  21. Andreas

    Seen any good movies lately?

    The author of Strangers on a Train in a nice little interview in German. It's from 1974 when she lived in the French countryside. Highsmith talks about her love for snails and why she prefers to live in Europe.
  22. Andreas

    Seen any good movies lately?

    Yesterday night on German TV. One of the main characters, Robert Walker, died a month after the movie premiere, 32 yrs old.
  23. Andreas

    new guy, hello

    Welcome, casperbyrd. You are probably saner than those who call you disordered.
  24. Andreas


    Drops in a bucket. The boss nailed it down again.