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  1. tluchowski

    Identifying a Short Story

    Sounds for the most part similar to "Reunion" from Tales of Ordinary Madness minus the fact that the story begins with him returning home from the hospital. Since you haven't listed the above book as one you've read this might be one to revisit. Hope this helps.
  2. tluchowski

    You Never Had It - An Evening with Bukowski

    Does this exist in any viewable formats? There isn't even a link on their website?
  3. tluchowski

    What Are You Reading?

    Just finished "The Story of the Eye" by Georges Bataille...and I have absolutely no idea why this book is deemed important. After a few weeks of exploring "subversive" French literature, reading Salo by De Sade and Journey by Celine this month, I've concluded that it isn't something I'm into...
  4. tluchowski

    "War All the Time" Poem

    Does anyone have access to the actual poem titled "war all the time"? It exists in the database but not in the book with the same title. There is a line in the book from the poem "pace is the essence" which reads: "those guys think it's got to be previous hit war all the time." So did this...
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    Plants mentioned in Bukowski’s work

    Just read one where he mentioned hydrangeas. It's the way you play the game In love is a dog from hell "Vomiting as you go Into the Hydrangea"
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    Signed first edition?

    I am not on any sort of budget to be a collector of anysort, I have my books and they are all used and beat in, but the words are more important than the money value. Even if this copy was mine I wouldn't sell it, I just love that it found me. I have 11 dollars to my name, work somewhere where I...
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    Bukowski and social media

    I was watching a documentary about social media "poetry" and one of the women was saying she wondered how certain writers would have implemented social media sites in the self publication of their poetry, one of the names she mention was Bukowski and this got me thinking. Do you think he would...
  8. tluchowski

    Signed first edition?

    My heart about stopped when I found the signature in the back Yes, I've come to feel very close to the writing over the past 8 months and finding that signature brought me an almost childlike sense of wonder, it really was something special for me and I'm going to cherish the time I have it...
  9. tluchowski

    Signed first edition?

    Yes I obviously cant keep it but it's just such a cool experience to be able to see the book with original artwork and touch something Bukowski touched. I know he signed the pages before they went into the book and he signed 3100 of them but still. It has a magic to it. Maybe it will bring me...
  10. tluchowski

    Signed first edition?

    It's legitimate, I've verified it with the library's records. This is a non-circulation, special collection book that some student worker must have actually sent out by accident, it has to be worth quite a bit. I'm astonished to be holding it, it is a really special feeling.
  11. tluchowski

    Signed first edition?

    So I ordered this from my works library consortium and someone made a big opps and sent me a signed first edition??? Is this legit..the replacement fee is $75 if I "lost it"
  12. tluchowski

    How semi-autobiographical is Notes, really?

    In Post Office when he talks about having to write a report documenting his arrest records for DUI and disorderlies, is this a real document and is there anywhere it can be found?
  13. tluchowski

    27 y.o. Madman and writer from Nowhere, Ohio

    I was hoping for some specific poem recommendations, ones I could read on the site. I have a bunch of books coming in the mail but was wondering if anyone has some favorites they would like to recommend to a relatively new reader. P.S. does anyone have access to the Ole issue 7 review of the...
  14. tluchowski

    On eBay now Charles Bukowski signed ORIGINAL poem manuscript

    I heard about that yesterday on your podcast. Already Learning! Thank you!
  15. tluchowski

    On eBay now Charles Bukowski signed ORIGINAL poem manuscript

    I suppose it was hyperbole when he said he did not use carbons! Haha
  16. tluchowski

    What are you drinking?

    Cheap beer from a cheap glass with my secondhand typer. 6 poems so far tonight..tomorrow will tell if any of them are worthy. Cheers all
  17. tluchowski

    27 y.o. Madman and writer from Nowhere, Ohio

    Is there a poetry forum where people post poems for criticism and discussion?
  18. tluchowski

    27 y.o. Madman and writer from Nowhere, Ohio

    Hello like minded folk, I discovered some of Bukowski's poetry last year and now I am absolutely obsessed! Stumbled upon the forum looking for some manuscripts and I have to say... thank you all! Glad to be able to learn more about the man and his writing. Cheers, N.A.T.