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    20 or 30 years ago, when someone wanted to knock down an old house in Los Angeles and build one of those pre-fab "mansions" in its place, it was common to knock down all of the old house except for a small piece of one wall, then build the new house around it. I suppose they did that for...
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    Manuscripts (better image) (two versions) (two...
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    25 years of .com

    A lot of work for sure. I've tried doing OCR on the manuscripts, but most of them aren't high enough resolution to get good results. So you end up practically retyping everything anyway. I didn't see any mistakes in the dozen or so poems I looked at on the site, so if they're all that good...
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    25 years of .com

    Whoever picked up has been busy.
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Yeah. I checked my list, but it doesn't have opening bands listed for a lot of the shows. But I'd imagine I saw them at least three times. No "kind of" seeing someone in those days. I watched every band on the show whether I liked them or not (with a few exceptions). I was just a teenage...
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Max Webster! There's a name I haven't heard since Gerald Ford was President. I think they played on every 70s arena tour they could latch onto. I know they were fourth on the bill when I saw Rush, but I have the feeling I was in the room with them for half a dozen other shows in those days.
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    Corruption of Posthumous work?

    In addition to the thread d gray posted, you might want to check out the comparisons forum and the comparisons page on the site. In those places you can see what Bukowski typed (or what first appeared in literary magazines) and what Black Sparrow published. Then it's up to you to...
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    The only problem with that advice is they do all they can to make the stupid links appear to be less stupid. So casually careful people can be burned. But I think we're saying the same thing.
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    Nah, who knows, a lot of the links may be okay. I just didn't dig any further after that first one. At least if people are aware they can better navigate the rat-infested waters. ;)
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    The one download link I clicked led to a page to install a browser extension, and there wasn't a link to the audio file on that page. So what they were saying is, if you want the file, you have to accept the extension first. No thanks. On some of the download sites the the big green DOWNLOAD...
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    Just be careful on those download sites. Some of them will install browser extensions and adware that can be hard to get rid of. Watch where you click, yo!
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    Forum update

    The search has been updated. It still uses Threadloom, but you can choose to use the native forum search now if you'd like (and save your preference).
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    Hello, again...

    Or you could look at it like, "Hmm, I'm in the mood for some Bukowski, and luckily I know exactly where to get it." Saying there are too many poems in a poetry collection, or that an author's themes are repetitive is kind of like saying, "I like that Seinfeld show, but there are just too many...
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    Wormwood Review No. 12 - 1963 - Poem For My 43rd Birthday, The End

    The cover is in the other post. I'll say what I always say, which is upload whatever you want to. But bear in mind this isn't a literary magazine forum, it's a Bukowski forum. So to my way of thinking, Bukowski's words are what's important, not so much the magazines that published them. As...
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    Wormwood Review No. 12 - 1963 - Poem For My 43rd Birthday, The End

    I took out the other two because they are already here:
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    90 Minutes In Hell Cassette

    There's no direct line to Linda for things like this. Even if you did get it to her directly, it's unlikely she'd respond to your request. Your best bet would be to go through the publisher, HarperCollins/Ecco.
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    "THE ESTATE" is doing a good job with the reissues, including a lot of the unreleased stuff that was recorded during the same time period. The expanded Purple Rain was really good and the upcoming 1999 looks like it will be an extravaganza of unreleased tracks. Not to mention reissuing albums...
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    Bukowski's last poetry reading

    Sure, here. If it was on YouTube and someone posted the link we'd delete it anyway, because we try to support people who do the work to make these things available. You understand.
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    I found this interesting

    It's funny that people continue to call The Frolic Room a "dive bar." I have to think anyone who says that has never been to The Frolic Room, or to a dive bar. I'm not even sure it's possible to run a real dive bar anymore, what with the city inspections and letter grading and whatnot. If they...
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    Bukowski's Music

    I just saw a 1983 video where he said his favorite piece of music was Sibelius' Symphony No. 5 conducted by Eugene Ormandy. That romantic Sibelius stuff is a bit soft for me, but Finland though enough of him to put him on their money. I don't know if 100 Finnish mark was worth a dollar or a...
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    On eBay now Charles Bukowski – 1978 LP "Hello. It's Good To Be Back." - with poster Charles Bukowski – 1978 German LP - Hello. It's Good To Be Back. Clean, excellent copy, includes the 36" x 24" poster originally issued with the LP (scarce!). Release: 1978, LP Zweitausendeins Recording notes: Live reading in Hamburg, Germany, May 5, 1978...
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    Database updated

    Okay, they are forever linked.
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    RIP Joe Frazier

    I just discovered that the Joe Frazier Gym, which he owned and ran for 40 years, is the same Philadelphia building that was formerly the Nabisco plant where Bukowski made dog biscuits in 1944. Go figure. It's now a historical landmark.
  24. mjp

    It Catches My Heart In It's Hands

    If you promise to stop formatting every post like a poem I'll send you a PDF.