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  1. roni

    crumb interview

    there are a couple of Crumb-items in the upcoming PBA-aution. (#219, #243, #244, #245, #297, #299)
  2. roni


    what do you complain about? at least he left the wine intact.
  3. roni

    25 years of .com

    Thanks, carlito, for the work and offer. It would be very nice of you to share.
  4. roni

    25 years of .com

    He kept your iconic grey-in-grey-design.
  5. roni

    On eBay now FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

    Hi Becca. I got them and I answered them (Sept 17, Oct 24). Did YOU ever get MY emails?
  6. roni

    On eBay now FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

    My FLOWER FIST is on ebay again. Think of a Christmas-gift for your beloved ones.
  7. roni


    I was starting a download (Lou Reed) from a site that said, that a second free download was available ony after some waiting time of 90min. Despite that I gave it a try and went to download a second one (Pixies) while the first one was still downloading. That was a mistake. Immediately a...
  8. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    Rumour has it, that Charles Bukowski once beat the shit out of this guy at a spot called Spago back in the mid 80s.
  9. roni

    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Thanks guys. I have heared you. I'd like to make a new silkscreen based on the portrait. Maybe I will. But I'd need to reactivate my connections to the place where I had the opportunity to do it. Haven't shown up there since 2015 and am sure people have left and new ones are around. So, yeah...
  10. roni

    Cool Birthday Gift

    That's also on the label of a beer-bottle in a bar in Chile, where it was spottet by Falko Hennig of the Bukowski-Society this spring: (picture is from his talk about this trip on Buk-findings there at our symposium this August) It would make a nice glass-window in a church.
  11. roni

    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Thank you. It was made to be used for the silkscreen. I made it using this photo from the reading (it's in "Shakespeare"):
  12. roni

    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    There will be a printed copy of the final version. This was just a quick first draft based on my poster for the screening of the Hamburg-reading we had in 2015: (there are still some left of those) Back in 2015 I even had made a silkscreen of the motive: (there was only a...
  13. roni

    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Now you've spoiled our surprise highlight. Makes you happy?
  14. roni

    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    The Charles-Bukowski-Society will celebrate the first 100 years of Charles Bukowski next June in Bamberg, Germany with a fine festival over a couple of days. Save the Date: June 22-27. Some of bukowski.nets most beautiful models and learned experts will attend, amongst the latter of which...
  15. roni

    art & artists

    I knew this Van Gogh site from long ago, but this was an inspirational reminder. Thanks.
  16. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    well, if you belong to these people who like the world as it is: you maybe should become an activist more than anyone else. Because otherwise the world may not remain as it is. Just an idea. I don't intend to make a huge discussion about it.
  17. roni

    Bukowski's Music

    forth "B" would be Bruckner! And you can't miss his love for Mahler, despite the first letter being no "B". He also hailed Ormandy in his late "Classical Music And Me" for introducing him to classical music in the first place. Maybe depends on the conductor. I once had the chance to be in a...
  18. roni

    Database updated

    poem "The Image" [] and "Image" [] is same.
  19. roni

    Nick Cave

    Anybody listened to the new album? If I was forced to say something about it in one word, it would be: unnecessary.
  20. roni

    Nick Cave

    Hear Ghosteen, the new two part album from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, for the first time in full tonight (Thursday 3 October) on YouTube at 10pm BST. Subscribe to the channel here and set a reminder to be notified when the premiere begins. This will be the first chance to listen to the new...
  21. roni

    On Drinking

    apropos de "On Drinking": In Germany the MaroVerlag will publish it and at the moment I'm buzy checking for them each text for past appearences in German translation (copyright reasons). If you've ever heared about the sick editing-practice regarding Bukowski in Germany around several...
  22. roni

    Eno and Lee Scratch Perry

    Thanks. As soon as they give us the song with Eno ("here come the warm dreads" - haha), please let me know.
  23. roni

    Seen any good movies lately?

    Just been at the movies and seen an overwhelmingly moving, brutal German movie named "Systemsprenger", meaning "System-Breaker" about a 9-yo girl who can't control her sudden impacts of aggressiveness and violence, which leads her from one social-institution to the next. It's said this could...
  24. roni

    Greta Thunberg

    You didn't. And we know each other long enough and well enough to know that none of us is a troll, so everything's fine. We're just exchanging thoughts.