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    25 years of .com

    (S)he's a long way from home:
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    Which browser do you use? In case it's Firefox make sure to install NoScript extension and block pop-up windows (Avira, the antivirus program I have installed on my PC blocks that shit by default).
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    From my 16-year experience as a freeloader downloader: free download sites are as dangerous as you allow them to be, no more and no less than that. Install an antivirus program, NoScript, block pop-up windows, and DON'T CLICK SOMETHING STUPID and you'll be fine. Btw, most of the links (I didn't...
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    help with a translation, Bukowski sentence

    The lines you're looking for are in the poem called "The Condition Book" and they go like this: Just like cirerita posted while I've been doing the search.
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    Wormwood Review No. 12 - 1963 - Poem For My 43rd Birthday, The End

    Then maybe you'll like this place.
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    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    I guess I'm also not supposed to reveal the special guest appearances of Esotouric and Mullin-- Oops.
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    Bukowski - Festival 2020

    Don't forget to invite Valerian!
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    Bukowski's last poetry reading

    Maybe the fact that the DVD is still selling has something to do with it.
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    Good Documentaries

    I'm watching this documentary right now, and I can't believe it:
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    Greta Thunberg

    They write about Greta in Serbia:
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    And then Bukowski said, "When I am gone, erect a bronze statue and worship my likeness for eternity!"

    ... but goes well with the image of a drunken raving lunatic who's on the hunt the for women. BTW, when you type "Bukowski" in Google Images search box (and hit Enter) that photo is in the fifth place.
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    I don't know, I don't have it.
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    Iggy Pop

    Thank you very much, Digney!
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    Shits and Giggles

    I think Yanks would LOVE this.
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    Need help with lost quote

    I think what Pushpass was looking for is here.
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    John Martin Interview

    Dr. StrangeEdit... Heh.
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    I haven't seen this one before: What a group. Even the blue 67 Volks is there. Edit: There's a more famous picture from the same photo session:
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    Identifying a Short Story

    The instant I saw your description I knew what story it was (the one where Linda King's madness shines magnificently), I've read it the last time a couple of years ago and your description was immaculate (for me). Took me some time to find out in which collection it was though, but I was pretty...
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    Identifying a Short Story

    To me it sounds like What Happened to the Loving, Laughing Girl in the Gingham Dress?, a story from Betting on the Muse.
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    Thirst Trap

    "Well-documented racism?" This guy just pulled it out of his ass. And I dare say Buk wasn't much of a "womanizer" too. I bet Jason regrets Bukowski wasn't a big movie producer, then he could associate Buk's "womanizing" with merciless use of poor actresses and kick him in the balls (verbally)...