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  1. ClassIntellectual

    The Charles Bukowski Museum?

    You're completely right. None of us can truly claim to know what B would think, but I'm pretty sure he would detest the idea of a museum in his honor. Then again, he did become slightly more accustomed to dealing with fame in his later life, as long as he didn't have to directly deal with...
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    Hell yeah, that's the way to do it. I had a subtly nasty prof. for my freshman English course, "Study of poetry." Ick! So haughty and unrelenting. What I should have done was immerse myself in the material beforehand and critique her opinions the whole way through. Usually, the only way to make...
  3. ClassIntellectual


    Yeah, check out some of the clips from when Da Ali G show first aired in Britain. Not sure of the best place to find them, though; my friend just happened to have some Borat clips. He makes the Brits looks pretty damn silly, too, although certainly not as stupid as the Americans.
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    Midwest Newbie

    I think we all know which poem I'd read. :D
  5. ClassIntellectual

    Powells bookstore?

    That's exactly how I discovered B, standing in a cramped corner of a tiny bookstore, the "poetry section," reaching for an unknown name towards the beginning of the alphabet. Out popped "Sifting through the madness...". The rest is mystory.
  6. ClassIntellectual

    Bukowski: Born Into This

    Hey all, Finally saw Born Into This two nights ago. I happened upon it at Blockbuster when I wasn't even specifically looking for it; such a fortuitous finding, I had to rent it. It did make me shake my head in disgust to notice that there was but one lonely copy, yet the store was...
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    I thought it was funny. Not hilarious, but not dull either. Some of the jokes/situations had been covered in the TV show. The funniest moments were mostly throw-away comments. I found myself laughing out loud frequently when no one else in the theatre was.
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    On that note, I'd love to actually read B's essay on President what's-his-name's speech, when B actually wasn't there but bullshitted his way to an A.
  9. ClassIntellectual

    What are you listening to now?

    Neva Dinova - The Hate Yourself Change.
  10. ClassIntellectual

    The Parental Figures!

    I'm always contradictory.
  11. ClassIntellectual

    Bukowski & Dylan Thomas

    You mean Bob Dylan albums? Or is this a joke/reference I don't understand...
  12. ClassIntellectual

    the pothead thread

    the thing is that lighting up makes me want to just relax in my chair, and typing becomes too much of an effort. drinking, though, makes one type excessively. whence the ratio of posts in "last time you were drunk thread" to posts here.
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    Women and love

    Factotum: p. 140: "I kept telling myself that all the women in the world weren't whores, just mine."
  14. ClassIntellectual

    Guerilla Poetics Project

    Mine have arrived. They look and feel glorious. Can't wait to take them to the nearest Borders and discretely slip a few into some choice books. Plus the operative's copies make great dorm room wall decorations. I'll check the college library to see if any of the recommended books are there and...
  15. ClassIntellectual

    Guerilla Poetics Project

    I'll ask the same question. I sent $$ and my address (@Hamilton College).
  16. ClassIntellectual

    Guerilla Poetics Project

    Right, which is why I think it would be interesting to put these broadisdes in amongst the horrible poems that are inevitably required in a freshman poetry survey course. I wish that I had been flipping through a boring anthology of sonnets or something freshman year and came across a Buk...
  17. ClassIntellectual

    Guerilla Poetics Project

    What about college libraries? Or heck, even public libraries? I understand the principle of infiltrating the larger publishers to secretly promote the smaller ones, but I also think that there is a potentially huge group of supporters among college students. We are the ones who will frequently...
  18. ClassIntellectual

    Bukowski numbers

    Yes, that's the problem. I think there should be different rules. Maybe only close collaborators like Cherkovski (for Laugh literary and man the humping guns) or biographers like Sounes, or .... etc. should get 1's. I don't know, it's not best to implement the Erdos system directly, but with...
  19. ClassIntellectual

    Bukowski numbers

    Mathematicians have developed the idea of an "Erdos number" (Erdos roughly pronounced 'air-dish'), named after the great number theorist Paul Erdos. He was by far the most prolific publisher of mathematical papers, with over 1500 citations. (
  20. ClassIntellectual

    Seen any good movies lately? - Films you MUST see

    I've seen Wonder Showzen the tv series. Hilarious. When did they movie-ify it?
  21. ClassIntellectual

    who really missed me?

    Ah, guess I just didn't notice. Interesting idea.
  22. ClassIntellectual

    who really missed me?

    "Hey ClassIntellectual, we're glad you're here and all, but you haven't said anything in over two weeks. Make a post. Tell us what (or who) you had for dinner. Make an ass of yourself somehow, you know how to do that. Jump back in the water, all the other freaks miss you." What's this...
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    Desert Island Dozen

    Also off the top of my head, in no order: Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over the Sea Beethoven, Ludwig Van - Symphony # 9 (does this count as an "album"?) Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde The...
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    Mescaline! No shit. "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas" is amazing. Still have to read the book; gonna borrow it from a buddy; seen the movie twice, still amazes me.
  25. ClassIntellectual

    Next Bukowski to read.

    whence my name I also recommend "Dangling in the Tournefortia," especially for the poem "night class" about a drunk-driving class full of morons which ends with the discovery of Bukowski being the only one to have scored 100% on the recent quiz: "I slouch back in my chair with my dark shades...