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    Siskel and Ebert review Barfly (1987) - YouTube Video

    [This video is unavailable.] You guys probably know about this but I just came across it.
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    man, I fucking hate hipsters A rebel in disguise, this cutting-edge streetwise brand is out to overturn the fashion orthodoxy.
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    Buk Tour - City Light Pre-release

    So I know that the bus tour isn't very popular here. I've never had a problem with it and I actually have fun on the tour. The people from Esotouric have always treated me well and personally, I have no issue with them making money. If I had the choice, I'd be doing LA bus tours instead of...
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    Craby Joe's sign (Think beginning of Barfly)

    will be on display at the Museum of Neon Art. I was lucky enough to have become good friends with the owners of Craby Joe's shortly before the irradiation of anything not clean and marketable in downtown Los Angeles. I got the sign and contacted the Museum of Neon Art right away. They've...
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    The Pleasures of the Damned

    is being released tomorrow. Screw all you lucky pricks who got an advanced copy. :-) I've heard great things about this book. -jeremy
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    Craby Joe's

    So I moved back to downtown Los Angeles and I happen to be literally one block away from the infamous Craby Joe's, featured in the opening and closing credits of Barfly and also I recently learned that Craby Joe's rooftop was used for the U2 video "Where the Street Have No Names". Go to youtube...
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    Born into This If you're into the whole brevity thing, play all 5 at once. -jeremy
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    does anyone have the colored version of the back of The Captain is out to Lunch?

    I've seen this on ebay. I guess the first edition has the colored version of Crumb's drawing that appears on the back of "The Captain". If anyone has a copy of this, I'd love to get a high resolution scan of the imagine. I thought it would be interesting to consider having my tattoo filled in...
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    At Terror Street and Agony Way - Audio CD

    I know there was a link around here somewhere with the At Terror Street and Agony Way audio...I have the zip file, but it seems there was some missing tracks. Does anyone have the complete audio for this? It's a difficult on to find. thanks -jeremy
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    If you were to do a Bukowski Tour in LA...

    What would you include. There are a couple obvious onces but I'm thinking the not so obvious ones would be a lot of fun. De Longpre Grave Crabby Joe's downtown Frolic Room (this one bothers me cause it's a total hipster joint now) Seven G's bar if it's still visible. I can't fnid any...
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    Currently obsessed with Bukowski. Can't stop reading and I have so much more to go. Just started to get into the rare material but blew my load at a book store in LA purchasing the 1993 Black Sparrow New Year's greeting (those wonderful lunches) with a Buk signature and drawing... Really...
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    Does reading Bukowski make you want to write?

    Just curious if people commonly find that Bukowski inspires them to try to write? I'm sure there are many on here who consider themselves writers. I find the more I read Bukowski, the more I want to try and mimic his style. Now, of course I'm no Bukowski, so most of my stuff amounts to "pig...