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  1. ClassIntellectual

    Bukowski numbers

    Mathematicians have developed the idea of an "Erdos number" (Erdos roughly pronounced 'air-dish'), named after the great number theorist Paul Erdos. He was by far the most prolific publisher of mathematical papers, with over 1500 citations. (
  2. ClassIntellectual

    who really missed me?

    "Hey ClassIntellectual, we're glad you're here and all, but you haven't said anything in over two weeks. Make a post. Tell us what (or who) you had for dinner. Make an ass of yourself somehow, you know how to do that. Jump back in the water, all the other freaks miss you." What's this...
  3. ClassIntellectual

    dorky board games

    Anyone else play Scrabble a lot? I'm a tournament player: ---Brendan
  4. ClassIntellectual

    buk on popular music

    We all know Hank was in love with classical music. But any idea what his thoughts were on popular music during his life? In particular, I'm curious about what his published thoughts or possible thoughts were on Bob Dylan, since I'm a huge fan of both. Opinions?
  5. ClassIntellectual


    As a college student who is technically studying mathematics & physics, but who has taken classes on everything from 19th century French literature to Shakespeare to poetry to intro chemistry to whatever else I made a mistake on.... I've never encountered Bukowski. Is that a problem? or a...
  6. ClassIntellectual

    discussion of Buk biogs

    I'm currently a visting student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Yes, that place, the home of golf. Guess what I'm doing: playing golf and visiting the library and studying when I actually give a shit. Unfortunately, the library only has two books remotely related to Hank, and they're...