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    Guggenheim application

    hi, brothers... i've read the text and i have a little doubth bukowski said: Lucille Medwick award... from the new york quarterly... with wich poem he got this award? thanks.. H
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    Unpublished essay

    You'll be informed. No problem. H
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    Unpublished essay

    What I really want is to know a little more about Bukowski and bukowski's writings. And of course I can buy the book, but remember that out of the US is a little difficult do that (specially if you live in Perou, that it's my case)... Well, I made others questions... What about those? Thanks...
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    the pleasures of the damned 1951-1993

    How many of those were written before 1951? As I see, the book: the pleasures... Doesn't present the poems whit a chronologic criterion. I think it's a real fault... H
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    1953 Unpublished letter to Judson Crews - Read this gem! (timeline stuff)

    In the letter (to Crews) bukowski talks about a few poems... What was the destiny of these ones? Were the same poems published in 1993 or 1994 as Cicerita said on the beginnings? Is really that we can only talk about 3 poems between 1944 to 1955?: - Hello (1946 in Matrix) - Voice in a new York...
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    Unpublished essay

    Hi, friends I was looking for the absent of the hero (just the intro that I found on Internet) And I catched this one: "Ah, Liberation, Liberty, Lilies on the moon!" An unpublished essay. Someone knows something about that? And a second one, In Harlequin vol. 2 n*1 if I' not wrong: there was...
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    Lizard's Eyelid - Uncollected interview

    I have a little dude: When exactly this magic interview was published? Before 1960. Thanks, Lord Cicerita! H
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    love is a piece of paper torn to bits

    :confused: do you know something about the poem: "love is a piece of paper torn to bits".? I mean, you can read this one and aftter you think wow! "capt", "cat", the "sailor", the "mate", the "cook", the "sheeds".... !? What does he wanna to say? Thanks HP
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    A real thing, a good woman - Outsider #1, 1961

    who is the real women...? she might be francEyE?
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    Novel: A Place to Sleep the Night

    is there some information about this "first" novel: A Place to Sleep the Night? just unfinished?
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    Me and your sometimes love poems

    I know that it's a published book but someone knows something more about this one? Me and your sometimes love poems... Is there a re-publication?... Linda King is a great personage but I don't know if she's a great poet...
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    play the piano drunk....

    well, there is a book: play the piano... you know... it isn't a great book, but there are a lot of greats poems:4000 flies par example.... but I just wanna know if someone has a extra-information about this? somethnig... and interview, a bukowski comment.... WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK...
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    About aftermath

    well, I found this... in UCB gallery... it's little strange... this page has the story, and this is the "behind the scenes".. ja but it's all?
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    Sunlight... loestoy buscando pero imposible de llegar al peru.... y amazon no vende salvo a argentina....
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    well I am looking for interviews at internet...,226.0.html%5C%22 someone knows another?... why there isn't any interview in this page... maybe a hero could scan the last one... I live in a south america...
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    who is the boss?

    well another simple question: who make the bukowski's books, I mean the edition... John martin put in order all the poems?.. or was bukowski?.. and other simple: tears?... I saw in born into this when bukowski reas a poem about linda king?... someone konws which poem is?.. something more...
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    well it's a real simple question: Hoowmaney posthumous books are?.. 5? which ones? Bone Palace Ballet what matters most is how well you walk through the fire Open All Night the night torn mad with footsteps Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way The Flash of...
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    Did I ever tell you?

    His wife, the painter... la edición española de Run with the hunted, traducida y publicada por Anagrama, incluye una version castellana de este poema. pero es muy duro, la traduccion me refiero. Someone could talk something about this "his wife, the painter" jyust to say something...
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    Hostage Uncollected

    and the other ones: king if poets, 70 minuts in hell???? they have transcriptions?
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    Hostage Uncollected

    someone knows where can I found the transcription of poems not collected who bukowski give us in hostage? I don't have the cd (I've just listened, I found the track by Emule), but in the original cd is the transcriptions of the poems? thanks, escuse moi mon inglish tres terrible!
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    You Don't Know What Love Is (an evening with Charles Bukowski) by Raymond Carver

    who is the girl who is talking about? linda king? someone know anything else about this great poem.
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    WRITE magazine

    well, if someone has this write mag I'm sure that we never can see this! excuse moi ce inglish bad