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  1. Mark Rogers

    Editor at Ecco?

    Hi everyone - it's been a while since I posted. I've recently been rereading a lot of Bukowski and an idea for an anthology zeroed in on a key period of his life occurred to me. Does anyone on the forum have an email for the editor at Ecco Press most connected with Bukowski?
  2. Mark Rogers

    Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg

    Free until midnight 4/26: I've been publishing some ebooks lately - the most recent is Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg, by my late friend John Langsdorf. John was a prolific and talented writer who died in 1996 from a heroin overdose. His afflictions – agoraphobia, drug addiction and...
  3. Mark Rogers

    My novel BASEMENT is out on Amazon

    I made the plunge and published a novel of mine - BASEMENT - as an e-book: The Jones’ have a prisoner in their basement. So do the Smiths. Times are tough. When a working class town in the northeast gets their fill of foreclosures and seizures, they turn to an experimental program that promises...
  4. Mark Rogers

    A bit on Bukowski in my blog

    From my blog, Pissing on my Pistols.
  5. Mark Rogers

    Pissing On My Pistols

    I recently started a wordpress blog called "Pissing On My Pistols." Lots of it will be about an attempted career as a Hollywood screenwriter (still painfully in progress) and the march towards having my first novel published. If you care to take a look, click...
  6. Mark Rogers

    Proposed Buk chapbook of paintings

    Maybe you guys can give me some advice. Ever since I saw the selection of Buk's art on this site, I've been thinking of putting together a chapbook of his paintings accompanied by lines of his prose or poetry. I'm not sure how I'd go about getting the rights to the art - I imagine this forum...
  7. Mark Rogers

    Bukowski heading the list

    I just saw this linked on the Huffington Post - nice pic and a good Buk quote. At least it just didn't reduce him to being a drunk.
  8. Mark Rogers

    Excerpt from The Gut Wringing machine video

    A few weeks back I wrote that I would get my ultra-crude Buk videos digitized. Back in the 80s I made videos of several Buk stories using a rented video camera and editing them on two VCRs. It's been a real headache getting them transferred. I did manage to get The Gut Wringing Machine onto...
  9. Mark Rogers

    Obit I wrote for Buk

    When Bukowski died, I wrote an obit for him in Street News. I love the Sam Cherry photo John Martin let me use - to me, this is the image of Bukowski I carry around with me. Martin also gave me a quote for the obit, about how Buk felt like he'd achieved all he wanted to achieve - that he died...
  10. Mark Rogers

    Count me in

    I made my first post today after discovering this site last week. I've been a fan of Bukowski's since the 70s. I'm a writer myself (that's how I've supported myself the last 15 years). Most of it's trade magazine work, but I have unpublished novels and unproduced screenplays that may someday see...
  11. Mark Rogers

    Buk RIP Portrait by Sandlin

    This is my first post - great site. Back in the early 90s I was the feature editor for NYC Street News, a paper sold by crackheads, the deranged and the homeless. I was a big fan of Bukowski since coming across the Rolling Stone article back in the 70s - especially the poem about the...