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  1. Burch

    Bukowski/Purdy letters.

    I've still got a copy of the Bukowski/Purdy letters for sale. Published by Paget Press. Someone was interested (a while ago now) and it was all ready to post but then I heard no more. I'm having difficulty finding my original post with details and photos - how do I go about that?
  2. Burch

    Barfly DVD for $30
  3. Burch

    Two poems and one letter in Down Here magazine 1967
  4. Burch

    "The Last Generation". A New Year's Greeting Card from Black Sparrow Press 1982.

    Ex-library chapbook. Residue of library sticker inside front cover and "Reference Only" printed on first page otherwise tight, clean copy with no other inscriptions or markings.
  5. Burch

    3 poems in second aeon No. 13 (1971)

    Poems: "slim killers", "poem for dante" and "the conditions". second aeon published in Wales. Also contains poems by William wantling and a survey of the small press scene at the time.
  6. Burch

    Two poems and one letter in "Down Here" (1967)

    Anyone interested? Down Here - "a magazine from the East Village". Volume One, Number Two. Contains two poems and a letter to Tom McNamara. Plus other correspondence between Blazek, Harold Norse and Steve Richmond. The letter is dated 25th Oct, 1965. A heavily edited version of this letter...
  7. Burch


    Anyone interested in this? If there's anyone left with a VHS player... Black and white, running time 60 mins. Bukowski reading at Bellevue Community College in 1970. A bit shakey, filmed on two cameras by 2 students.
  8. Burch

    Bukowski poems in Midwest

    I'm interested in selling this. Has anyone any idea how much it's worth - not in great condition.
  9. Burch

    Three letters from Bukowski

    I was in correspondence with Bukowksi and have three letters dated 83/84. I'm not particularly interested in selljing them but does anyomne know where/how I could get them valued. I live in London
  10. Burch

    Down There magazine 1967

    Just found DOWN THERE (a magazine from the east village) 1967. Contains Bukowski's "down to 2 bottles of wine and smoking old cigar stubs" and "green", Have these been published elsewhere? Also contains correspondence between Buk, Blazek, Norse etc. Worth anything?