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  1. Gerard K H Love

    I use to be or I thought I was something

    I use to write on here quite a lot. 2008 or 2009. I couldn't even spell Author in my first posts. I was even misunderstood due to my lack of written communication skills. Then I couldn't get enough of this Forum and I was nearly obsessed with information about Bukowski. This is the place for...
  2. Gerard K H Love

    Call Me Fitz. Fine Canadian television.

    Thank you Canada and Jason Priestly for the TV sitcom As a 33 plus year car salesman I must recommend this show (available instantly on Netflix). Yes, it's far fetched and exaggerated but that's exactly what viewers need to keep their attention. There's a lot of sex, drugs, hilarious human...
  3. Gerard K H Love

    Breaking Bad Bryan Cranston

    Remember the dentist on Seinfeld who had the adult magazines in his waiting room. Of course you remember Malcolm's father on Malcolm in the middle so you need to see Breaking Bad. If you haven't watched it you need to get the first seasons on netflix and catch up. The only bad thing about the...
  4. Gerard K H Love

    Happy 37th Birthday Miranda July

    N.P.R. ( Garrison Keillor) mentioned that today is Miranda July's birthday. She was born February 15th 1974. She is a writer, film maker, artist and actress. Her web site. She is out there, in a good way almost like the Martha Stewart of weirdness.
  5. Gerard K H Love


    I think many of you on here would enjoy the movie Cyrus. It is an odd story but it is funny.
  6. Gerard K H Love

    Movie Pirates

    There are people who go to businesses selling boot leg copies of first run movies for like $5.00. I know the economy is tough and they're making a living and we want to save money but for the sake of the American movie industry should we turn them in? One other sad part is the guy gets copies...
  7. Gerard K H Love

    Most Hideous Day I've Had

    Zoom Man is right. Please tell us about a hideous day you've had. You know like trying to sell a piano and finding out you've been scammed or you come home to discover you wife left with everything. Something that pushed you to or over the edge. What would Bukowski do? WWBD! I'm not up to...
  8. Gerard K H Love

    Tell us about your Great Day?

    I slept well last night, am wearing new underwear, had a light breakfast, prepared two chickens for the rotisserie for later, had a ice cold beer and I'm having a good hair day. How much better can this day get?:cool: In this time of turmoil and grief it's nice to point out the good things...
  9. Gerard K H Love

    I've been reminded why Bukowski hated people.

    I've lived all over the world and some people in Southern California are just awful. Worse than anywhere else. I'm doing a part of the U.S. Census that requires talking directly to hundreds of people. Thank goodness most people are wonderful but in So Cal we have some real winners. Bukowski...
  10. Gerard K H Love

    Sunnyoutside Press

    I won a copy of one of Hosho McCreesh's chapbooks, For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... form Sunnyoutside Press out of Buffalo NY. I won it in some little contest I linked to from here where we basically just had fun imitating...
  11. Gerard K H Love

    A Serious Man

    This movie starts off slow and seems to be boring unless you pay attention. It goes on to be funny, thank goodness. The Coen Bros must have known these people and lived that life. They created, in my opinion, the most irritating villain in Sy Ableman. An obnoxious asshole who oozes of syrupy...
  12. Gerard K H Love

    United States of Tara

    My wife found this show and got me to watch it. It has me hooked. Netflix sent me the first 6 or 7 episodes and we were glued to the set. Click IMDB. It's funny and well acted. John Corbett (Northern Exposure) and Toni Collette who have played many great parts in some good movies. Toni...
  13. Gerard K H Love

    Earth Shakin'

    We are having a bit of an earthquake storm in Riverside county. I live south of Banning and I have felt more quakes in the last day than the last six months. Did Bukowski write many poems about earthquakes?
  14. Gerard K H Love

    The Outlaw Poets of American Poetry

    I just received this book The Outlaw Poets of American Poetry as a gift. I immediately scanned through it to see who was included and was surprised that Bukowski is not included. He is mentioned several places as someone who influenced some of the chosen contributors, but they did not publish...
  15. Gerard K H Love

    Do you think Bukowski hated the Monkees?

    Well, for some reason I saw this great discussion about the Monkees.....and...? (in this thread)
  16. Gerard K H Love


    Okay, :D Everyone is talking about change...and two and a half million new jobs. Here is my part: I need salesmen to sell cars in Costa Mesa CA. (if you don't live near here then this is just-hopefully humorous but-filler) My boss put an ad on Craig list with my phone number. Holy shit...
  17. Gerard K H Love

    buknet comes to a theatre near you!!! (split from Vroman's thread)

    I want to see the movie about Bukowski. net.
  18. Gerard K H Love

    A Thesis Show in Claremont Ca

    Yes this has very little to do with Bukowski except the artist does like to read, drink and chase women- I don't think he ever mowed the lawn nor received a beating. From November 9th thru the 13th 10a.m. to 5 p.m. Michael Haight is having his Master Thesis show in Claremont at the Peggy...
  19. Gerard K H Love

    Who is this???

    Here is a link to an excerpt of a post from a member of Please keep in mind that this representative of us to all of them, out there, reading us. Do you know what I mean? Just click on this and push play or the arrow. Oh, did you know where this came from?
  20. Gerard K H Love

    The biggest name on

    You know, I was just scanning through a bunch of information on here and noticed that I have one of the biggest names on here. I want to know if the moderators would let me add," Junior the third, PhD." but if I made my name shorter I would be G Love and that looks too much like glove
  21. Gerard K H Love

    A discussion about '2 a.m.'

    This poem has a lot going on so what do you have to say? Click this: or that up there.
  22. Gerard K H Love

    Who knows PurpleStickpin?

    Is the guy who posts as Purple Stickpin the bass player in this group? Heatwave - I think he's too young but you never know. Some people lie about there age on line. He is a classically trained bassist.;) We do love Purple Stickpin.
  23. Gerard K H Love


    Okay, now it's time to throw some Tom Cruise rocks and dirt at me. This movie was better than I expected and was quite entertaining. Yes I think Tom Cruise can act. He does a fine job as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg the main character of the story. The movie was filmed in nearly all of...
  24. Gerard K H Love

    Joel & Ethan Coen and Lebowski

    John Turturro is talking about a spin off of the The Big Lebowski and he wants to play Jesus Quintana jumpsuit and all. If the Coen Brothers go ahead with it I think it could work. They would have to get Jeff Bridges and John Goodman but who knows. I find it funny that John Turturro would want...
  25. Gerard K H Love

    The Hangover

    Saw this movie yesterday and had a good hardy laugh. I needed that. Mike Tyson had a nice couple of parts as you will see in . It was worth the $28. to see it.