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  1. Danny Mac

    Buried Treasure --- Buk Books in a Box

    I have been reading Bukowski books like crazy the past two years. I have damn near read all of his books and many books written by other people about Bukowski. There were only a few books that I hadn't read but from what I remembered I had read them before and so I didn't want to buy them. I...
  2. Danny Mac

    Faye Dunaway on Barfly; Excerpts from her book

    I love the movie Barfly as so many of us Bukowski fans do. I had seen on Amazon that Faye Dunaway had a book out about her life. It was published in 1995 so it is old news. I would imagine that plenty of Buk fans made have read this long ago but I wanted to see what was in there and I figured I...
  3. Danny Mac


    Dear Fellow Bukowski Maniacs, As I read "Pulp" I was astonished with how many times he said "Nail her Ass." It was like, yo Dude what's going on with you right now. I really couldn't believe how many times he said that in the book. For those of you who don't know this he wrote right in the...
  4. Danny Mac

    The Impossible...I wrote a book...The Third Floor Movie Mystery

    Dear Friends, Yes it's true. I wrote a book. The odds of this occurring are astonishing. I, for the most part wrote this book because I have been unemployed a lot over the past few years. I refused to waste my life away. I agree that my book is of a strange topic but, who cares. There is...
  5. Danny Mac

    Potential Bukowski Philly Bars

    Dear Buk Fans, I went on another Bukowski inspired Philly trip yesterday March 20, 2014. I went down to the free Library in order to look for the names of Bars that Buk may have drank in, back in the day. I was going to go to City Hall to look for the records but I sure am glad I...
  6. Danny Mac

    Help with poem where Buk kills a roach named Tommy

    Can you guys, and groovy chicks, help me find the name of this poem? I'm thinking about becoming a world famous writter and I need this poem as part of my research. I know I've read this poem but I have no idea what the name is. Thank you for your deligence.
  7. Danny Mac

    Postman Shot Dead in USA

    I wonder what Buk would have said about this fun little topic. I'm sure he would have something along the lines of, "I warned you about *#%&$* like this." Modern America, the land where people shoot people dead about every other day. Mommy, can I go for a walk and play in the park? No Tommy...
  8. Danny Mac

    Bukowski's Influence on Others. Add Observations.

    I would like to start a thread whereby we the people of this site can add examples of things that we observe that we believe to have been inspired by Buk. It can be anything. There will obviously be authors who have been influenced by Buk but I'm sure there are many subtle ways that Buk has...
  9. Danny Mac

    Random Thoughts that relate to Bukowski in some way

    Have you ever had something you want to share and you scroll up and down and try to find a thread that fits with your thought but you can't find one? Has this happened to you friend? Well now you don't have to worry about that problem any more because here is a thread that deals with random...
  10. Danny Mac

    Photos of Buk's Philly Residences and Work Place, Possible Bar

    Dear Buk Fans, I'm back on another Bukowski binge. I've been buying and reading some more of his books that I have put off on purpose. When I was online about 3 weeks ago I discovered this website so I am a serious beginner in the eyes of you long time legends. I bow before respectfully. I have...
  11. Danny Mac

    Hello Buk Fans Around the World

    I am Danny Mac and I just found out about this website. Have I been under a rock? I am happy that I found it just the same. I am so thankful to the people who have put this site together. Everything is so thorough and so well done. I watch the "Barfly" one or two times a year without fail. I...