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  1. Gerard K H Love

    I use to be or I thought I was something

    I use to write on here quite a lot. 2008 or 2009. I couldn't even spell Author in my first posts. I was even misunderstood due to my lack of written communication skills. Then I couldn't get enough of this Forum and I was nearly obsessed with information about Bukowski. This is the place for...
  2. Gerard K H Love

    Happy Birthday, Black Swan!

    Happy Birthday...
  3. Gerard K H Love

    published buk back in the day

    I'm very glad to see mjp finally got an attorney. I should pay more attention.
  4. Gerard K H Love


    I'm only spending more time because of the neat changes, wow. No, seriously, thank you mjp.
  5. Gerard K H Love


    I can't believe people talk like that and type it out on record like this. Someone needs a shave...
  6. Gerard K H Love


    Well Liam, welcome to the big show. This is it and if you are sharp enough to maneuver through the many obstacles and avoid the vicious dragons and demons you will find great fame here. Many have tried and died an untimely death. Well then you could be like me and many others and patiently observe.
  7. Gerard K H Love

    Most overrated novels

    I didn't read that until about 4 years ago and it's surprising, to me, that it is such a cult hit. Of course it could simply be that I'm out of touch too.
  8. Gerard K H Love

    "Find what you love and let it kill you"

    Bukowski may not have said everything but I'm sure he thought of it and didn't write it all down. To quote Sarah Silverman,"Bukowski is Magic."
  9. Gerard K H Love

    P.T. Anderson's "The Master"

    Some people just look like they are 40 when they're in High School. I watched the movie but didn't really study it closely like some movies require a cup of coffee and a dictionary. It had excellent actors and had it's moments but did take too much time to see. I wish River Phoenix would have...
  10. Gerard K H Love

    well, I guess I'm in trouble...

    Well Mr. Martin you are reading a bit too much into my post. Please keep it simple, you know I love all of my friends here even though we are not always on the same page. Nor do I assume any superiority towards anyone, except for one or two of the trolls.
  11. Gerard K H Love

    well, I guess I'm in trouble...

    The funny thing to me is very likely someday, maybe 2000 years from now, people could very well interpret Bukowski's writing as some type of Gospel- of course possibly the censored versions after fanatics take everything over. There is a pure truth in his words, some of them, anyway. We hear...
  12. Gerard K H Love

    Hey from Indian reader

    Yes, or win America through default. Welcome Sujit Phatak. Your name is interesting. Did I get a friend request from you on Facebook a week or so ago?
  13. Gerard K H Love

    well, I guess I'm in trouble...

    I hate to piss on your parade but until you experience divine intervention-Which can come about from being ultra positive as well- you have no idea what there is super naturally . Now that statement alone will provoke gallons of piss in my direction but I can only consider the source. Yes...
  14. Gerard K H Love

    The Continual Condition

    Yes, this collection is nice.
  15. Gerard K H Love

    The Continual Condition

    I just got a copy as a gift yesterday. I need to get back to reading and reading this forum again. This might make me normal again-or at least close to normal. His words are medicine to cure phoniness.
  16. Gerard K H Love

    Longwood Ave on the 1940 census?

    Does that say that the next door neighbor was a mail carrier? If so, did Bukowski ever mention that? Good job on digging that up.
  17. Gerard K H Love

    "... intelligent people are full of doubts ..." quote

    Thank you Bukfan, as always you are on top of things.
  18. Gerard K H Love

    Racist part in Post office

    I would like to think maybe the great editor may have had a hand in this but the book is raw, by design. As for your step dad, there is the NAACP!
  19. Gerard K H Love

    The Sunset Limited

    Tommy Lee Jones is always great and should play Bukowski.
  20. Gerard K H Love

    Whitney Houston dead and Tony Bennet wants to legalize drugs

    Seriously. I am sick of the Whitney Houston music. It is sad she died and she has one of the most powerful voices of all time but I'm tired of her. Most radio stations play her regularly as it is. They say she was on anti-depressants and drinking heavily. That will do it.
  21. Gerard K H Love

    A Penis Short Story

    My life is unfortunate and my life is pretty and you believe that. Do you think anyone cares?
  22. Gerard K H Love

    Call Me Fitz. Fine Canadian television.

    They have trees in Nova Scotia? or am I thinking of New Foundland.
  23. Gerard K H Love

    Golden Calf

    Hahahahahaha! I wonder how that will play in the movie? I'm no literary expert nor am I a skilled reader but there were a couple of decent parts in the 20 pages I read, counting the ha ha pages. I was very distracted by the big letter 'g' and the way they were the most noticeable thing on the...
  24. Gerard K H Love

    Call Me Fitz. Fine Canadian television.

    Thank you Canada and Jason Priestly for the TV sitcom As a 33 plus year car salesman I must recommend this show (available instantly on Netflix). Yes, it's far fetched and exaggerated but that's exactly what viewers need to keep their attention. There's a lot of sex, drugs, hilarious human...