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    It's Been Awhile

    Hello All, It's so nice to see that everything here is still going strong. Hi to all you "old timers" and Hi again to everyone I've never met. CRB:)

    The Fall (down)

    Several weeks ago, I missed the last three steps on my way down. After a week I became concerned about the excruciating pain I was in any time pressure was applied to the right knee. Diagnosis, 'severe bone bruise'; not only did I damage/bruise the knee cap, but also the bone underneath of the...


    Anybody see RollingStone 4/16/09? As far as ethan hawke is concerned, Kris Kristofferson was....well... "There was a moment when America was changing, and he was the face of it. But he wasn't just the face. He was also the poet laureate." I don't want to get into any big thing here- I...

    Crazy Love

    Hello To All! I got to watch this film on x-mas eve and was, to say the least, very impressed! I liked it better than Factotum, hands down. The acting was sublime, esp. the lead actor playing 'Bukowski'. I was struck at the resemblance, not between him and C. Bukowski, but how much he looked...

    Black friday

    Here's a a glass raised and a weary tired smile, to all you poor bastards that are looking towards the next month in Retail...People might be trying to save $$$, but no matter what, they still shop for X-MAS. It's something else altogether, and God Bless Us All,. as well as the Mailmen/Women...

    Oh My God! An unexpected Bukowski related incident!

    I am so fucking psyched! I just went up-stairs to bum some smokes off of my Mum, and me and my Aunt started talking about how shitty Saturday night TV is, and then she says, "well, that movie Factotum is about Bukowski..." and I interupted, "Is it on now!" Ran downstairs to my DVR,but my bedroom...

    I 'think' this is a cool story.

    I hope all of you are doing fine. I was supposed to have the last three days off. BUT, due to a supervisor's call off, I had to go in and cover for 2 days. So I worked until 10pm monday night, and right when I was walking out the door my daughter...

    Did Bukowski Vote?

    With all the hoopla going on, as it does every election year, and the year before an election year, and the four years after an election year... I was just curious as to Bukowski's voting habits, if any. CRB

    Hello To All

    Introduced to Buk years ago but it did'nt take at the time. A year ago I had a hard change of veiw, saw Born Into This and have since read just about all of it. I get on a plane tomorow for the first time in my life, if I make it back, this will be one of my first stops! You people are freaking...