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  1. EsmagaSapos

    Joe Rogan Podcast, anyone?

    I'm only talking about the most recent ones here, excluding bait actors. Ed Calderon is a Mexican cartel specialist, on the ground kind of specialist; very interesting and amazing stuff this guy had to say about the subject. Rob Zombie is the vocalist of the famous heavy metal band. Also a...
  2. EsmagaSapos

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    I remember having, I don't know, 14-15 years old an being struck by lightening, it was Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone. I've searched the song for two years, back when I didn't knew what Internet was, I finally fond Patty. I'm afraid of that women... or all of them, but this one... damn...
  3. EsmagaSapos

    Pursuit of Wonder - Don't Try - The Philosophy of Charles Bukowski

    i actually thought the video photos were more interesting than the audio. the audio is straight forward for anyone that knows something about the man.
  4. EsmagaSapos

    Pursuit of Wonder - Don't Try - The Philosophy of Charles Bukowski

    It's a famous YouTube philosophy page, uploaded this a day ago.
  5. EsmagaSapos

    Greta Thunberg

    I'm okay with determination, but I'm also okay with laziness. If that young girl is determined with something, fine, go for it, why not, right, but before she decides to change the world, remember that are people that like it the way it is, you know, read the famous genius of the crowd, people...
  6. EsmagaSapos

    Bukowski's Music

    Interesting. I was watching the documentary: Bukowski - Born into This and there was a scene were he said the only type of music he liked was classical, and I was wondering what kind. Where he said that? You remember?
  7. EsmagaSapos

    a youngster from portugal, here...

    greetings, this was what lead me to bukowski. not that long ago. two months maybe. i won't lie, his needing to be alone is heartwarming to me, is comforting. i haven't read or listen to almost anything thought by the man. changing that. i like blue bird, crunches, nirvana, born into this, the...