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    is this buk?

    Not Bukowski. You need new friends.
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    Shits and Giggles

    I thought he smelled familiar...
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    Shits and Giggles

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a basement with a bunch of people (I think it was my basement, not that I have a basement, but it was a dream, ya dig?) and David Lee Roth came in. He was carrying a boombox and he sat down and turned it on and some David Lee Roth music blasted out. I wasn't...
  4. mjp

    Favorite short story by Buk

  5. mjp

    a poetic introduction

    Harsh, but it's because we love you.
  6. mjp

    The Lion, Oui April 1984

    An old post from Digney confirms this one.
  7. mjp

    The Lion, Oui April 1984

    Thanks David. I didn't find a match in a text search so it's probably not collected. It's in the database now. I took some time to flesh out (pun intended) the database as far as the Oui appearances go. Added a lot of issues, and a couple of stories to the database, "The Misunderstanding...
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    I thought things would normalize a bit around here too, but so far, no. We never watch the network news on TV but Carol turned it on the other night and I can see where they hysteria is coming from. They are handwringing and shrieking about it as if millions are dead in the streets and zombies...
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    This awesome toilet paper use calculator says we have enough on hand to last for 71 days. I don't hold out a lot of hope that the hysteria will have subsided in 71 days, but maybe the people who hoard toilet paper will run out of storage space by then. Or die from something other than the...
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    Ooh, a conspiracy theory in a huge block of text! Never seen that before...
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    You might want to check back on that "social equality" and see how it's going when the world economy collapses.
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    Bukowski's financial situation 1959

    Well, I imagine first he had to pay the remainder of the mortgage, which was more than half the sale price. He ended up with $7000 (about $62k in today's dollars), which probably went into the bank and stayed there. He was working as a postal clerk at the time, and by all accounts, he was...
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    Forum closing due to Coronavirus

    I'm sorry, I just can't take the chance that any of you may become stricken with this horrible, irreversibly fatal virus. My conscience couldn't take the all-consuming guilt that would result from even the first sniffle or slight fever. My attorney has recommended that the site be removed from...
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    Bukowski Home Recordings

    Maybe this.
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    A story from a Bukowski Facebook group

    Bukowski lived in San Pedro in the 80s. Not suggesting that he never set foot in Hollywood again after he left, but the idea that he got into his car and drove for an hour to go to Sunset Boulevard and sit in a strip club all day (and on into the night, according to this), alone, staring into a...
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    Joe Rogan Podcast, anyone?

    Adam Curry believes he invented everything. Everyone said, "Holy shit!" when they first saw the Mosaic browser. And everyone (including me) now says, "I saw the potential right away."
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    Review of Contemporary Fiction.

    I would prefer not to post copyrighted material. We have posted some here in excerpts and for comparison purposes which could be argued to be fair use. Posting a 63 page chunk of a book, probably not fair use.
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    It's funny too that their first record wasn't even out yet when they played Woodstock. I don't remember whether it was Bill Graham or Clive Davis who got them onto the bill, but someone with a lot of clout made a phone call.
  20. mjp

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    Seems we're spending time in the 1970s, so here's something we don't hear around here very often. Timbales and congas! Santana was the first music I heard on the radio with this kind of percussion and syncopation. Well, it was probably the only music on the radio with percussion like that. It...
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    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    Your MAGA hat is showing.
  22. mjp

    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    What do you mean "what's up" with it? What's up with you? You seem overly concerned. Who? wtf with you?
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    The Stooges Funhouse 50th anniversary box set

    Not more technical, just a different style. Williamson never left any space in the music he played. It was all wall-to-wall guitar all the time. As Iggy put it in that Jim Jarmusch documentary (paraphrasing from memory), "James occupies all of the sonic space when he's playing." Ron Asheton...
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    The Stooges Funhouse 50th anniversary box set

    I didn't, someone else played them. But he didn't really copy Ron's solos verbatim. But then I don't think copying them verbatim would be in the spirit of The Stooges. I played a couple of James Williamson solos, they weren't that hard to decipher. I think I got those solos because I played...