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  1. tluchowski

    For sale FLOWER FIST BESTIAL WAIL 1960 signed w/drawing

    If only. I'd fall to my knees by my mailbox and kiss a flowerfist. Maybe my relief check will pay for it. ;) ...I really want this! If my shack job knew what I'd paid for it I'd be out on the mean streets..again. Hoping to make special collections near me now that I'm unsupervised at work. Been...
  2. tluchowski

    Sons of Anarchy [Caution: contains spoilers, peanuts and gluten]

    I watched this entire series with my mother. A strange experience to say the least.
  3. tluchowski

    Favorite short story by Buk

    Probably The Devil is Hot. I like the one where he gets lost in the woods while camping, the story more so than when he writes about the same instance in Women (I think that's where it is?), if only for the line about a news report he was imagining after they found his body and his discarded...
  4. tluchowski

    I need help! Marxism & Bukowski

    Absolutely! If your school has a library site you can access some amazing things! But as far as the normal books, while most likely available through your college library as e-texts ( Most of his poetry collections are on mine, but as far as novels, short stories and biographies they are all on...
  5. tluchowski

    I need help! Marxism & Bukowski

    Good luck. I'm of no help here but maybe "pleasures" isn't a good place to start. The manuscripts on here are amazing and most of his books are available in eformat on open library. You could maybe try the search tool here to find something.
  6. tluchowski

    Last Call Chinaski

    The story I was going to send is 3,500 words. I saw your guidelines say 3k word max so I don't know if you would be open to reading it. If so let me know so I can send it tomorrow. I was about to send it just now but figured I'd check the guidelines. It's a semi humorous account of a mohawked...
  7. tluchowski

    An Evening at Buk's Place - Beat Scene Press

    Bought your book and read it last month. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The interview was great and I learned a few things about Neal that I didnt know. You're book is also available for free on open library, not sure if you were aware.
  8. tluchowski

    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. Volume 8

    This is my brother's band. They are currently working on a second album so if theres any stoner rock people here you may like them. Nothing to do with Santana but they are projecting the album should be out very soon. If you're into the stoner rock thing enjoy...
  9. tluchowski


    The cameo is on YouTube. The rest of the film is up for debate on it being worth the time. The hotel doc he narrates is about the same. He really seems to be enjoying himself though, even though the winner of the wet shirt contest is arguably not too attractive. As always it seems he needed a...
  10. tluchowski

    I’m so ignorant

    The manuscripts thread as well as the database will not disappoint! So much free reading in here its insane. As well as audio recordings, which I really wish there were more of him recording his own work because they are amazingly enjoyable.
  11. tluchowski

    I need everyone’s help!

    Considering most people have their poetry "blinders" put on in high school, meaning that the suggested poetry or poems taught in high school usually turn people off to it for the rest of their lives, I would try to find some less serious and more accessible stuff and mix some heavier stuff in...
  12. tluchowski

    What are you drinking?

    Any suggestions for sours?
  13. tluchowski

    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    Yeah, I think in that one he went into the bathroom and was taking a shit while two dudes were shaving each other's genitals in the bathtub. Pretty sure it said how his turds hit the water..funny shit. Pun intended. It blows my mind that the people I know say his writing is depressing. Even...
  14. tluchowski

    Bukowski Transgender feelings?

    Maybe I'm thinking of a memoir, but I vaguely remember something in the Sounes bio where he said something to her (in a letter?) during an argument about how he "wanted to have fun too so he picked some guy up on his way home" that she wasn't sure what exactly he meant by. Not that it much...
  15. tluchowski

    happy birthday MJP

    Happy very belated birthday! For some reason or another every time I sit down to type I think of the Laura Petrie poem. Thankful for this forum where I continue to read new stuff and learn new things every week. You da man. Cheers.
  16. tluchowski

    Last Call Chinaski So this site is used by publishers and writers to submit works as well as advertise opportunities from specific mags/presses. The few writers I know only use this site to find opportunities and submit work. I'm not familiar with how a press would join and post...
  17. tluchowski

    Last Call Chinaski

    I dont have any strong feelings about reading fees, though I can say I usually dont submit to places that require them. But Bukowski ,as well as any writer before the advent of email, paid for postage, stamps, as well as writing materials modern writers dont technically need (ribbons, carbons...
  18. tluchowski

    Last Call Chinaski

    I'm going to make sure I get you something for this. If the poems are up to snuff I'd love to be involved. And is the maximum submission 3 pieces (two poems one short story/essay) or is three poems and a story acceptable? If you like the poems I might send you a manuscript when your reading...
  19. tluchowski

    Last Call Chinaski

    Are you accepting multiple submissions given the reading fee would be paid for each? If not that's cool, just wanted to clarify. Dziękuję!
  20. tluchowski

    Typewriters! Show 'em if ya got 'em.

    It could have been the follow up to "Dreams in the Witch House"..."Dreams in the attic of my third-floor brownstone apt on Pine Street in Philly, during college" might have got lucky and avoided sacrificing your neighbor's infant or something. I'm imagining the brown jenkin with a very...
  21. tluchowski

    art & artists

    Here is a "set" of paintinga I've had my eye on at a local antique shop for months. They dropped the price and I got them, much to the behest of the old lady! No idea who painted them as they arent signed but I love stuff like this that is just too ugly or too bizarre to not be interesting. Also...
  22. tluchowski

    Typewriters! Show 'em if ya got 'em.

    Here is my Royal 10, with intact original side glass panels that are etched (nothing interesting just a frame but still) and also a much cleaner photo of what my desk looked like 6 months ago. Need to do some tidying! Here is a little Brother JP-1 variant re-branded by Royal as a...
  23. tluchowski

    Little Magazines to submit to/read

    Agreed! So I'm hoping to get the best bang for my buck and find a few good ones to get a subscription for. I've had a few hit and miss suggestions, like pank and vagabonds. Vagabonds I got a poem accepted to them after a bit of digging. I'd like a few mags to read that are worthwhile.