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    I've heard it mentioned on a couple of threads here but I'm not sure what you fellows are talking about when you say to check out ABE. ?
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    I am looking to read a lot of books this summer, and although I love buk I do need to add some diversity into my library. I was hoping that you all could help by taking a couple of minutes and writing me a reply on a book or author that you really like and would reccomend. My favorite author...
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    I need that short 5 or 6 word poem that Bukowski wrote. It was shown on the DVD by john martin and it was a very tiny book with one word on each page. Something about form....HURRY time is a factor.
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    Let's talk about what your recommendation for reading order would be, be specific to poetry, short story books and also novels. Not only am I rereading everything eventually but I am also sharing my collection with someone pretty new to buk and I am trying to figure out how to introduce him...
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    man and woman in bed at 10 p.m.

    Can someone find me a link to that poem on the internet or if anyone could paste it as a reply that'd be great. It's from mockingbird wish me luck
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    new member

    hey everyone, just joined because I'd been a lurker to your community for a while and I really felt like I should join in. I'm a huge bukowski fan and have read most of his books from ecco and black sparrow. I am just recently getting into the bookworm style of searching for rare or unreleased...