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  1. horsewnoname

    Crucifix / Dangling... / Screams SIGNED

    Besides the broadsides I put up three signed books as well. In case you have an offer, please pm me. Crucifix in a Death Hand SIGNED Dangling in the Tournefortia SIGNED w drawing & inscription Screams from the Balcony SIGNED w drawing
  2. horsewnoname

    Factotum and Poetry Contest broadsides

    I've been trying to sell these minor beauties, if anyone is interested PM me with an offer! In case both is taken...
  3. horsewnoname

    1981 February 2 - letter to Keyser

    Just saw this today but seems a bit pricey to say the least for a letter from '81. I am not at home with the actual worthiness of these letters, so I wonder what does this worth actually...
  4. horsewnoname

    Betting on the Muse - "corrected typescript"

    What do you guys think about this one, how special is this piece? Is it truly escaped the Martinization process? "Betting on the muse (1996) Ringbound photocopied sheets with a mylar cover. One of 8...
  5. horsewnoname

    So Long Stories by Lucia Berlin

    So Long Stories 1987-1992 by Lucia Berlin Has anyone read this Black Sparrow title? I heard about her works but never had the chance to read any of her stuff and thought this one might be a good start...
  6. horsewnoname

    Is this looks genuine from '93

    Hello to all, this is my second post here at this Buk haven. Currently I am hunting down uniquely signed copies of Buk titles. Wonder what the experts think about this. I have my doubts but never saw enough real handwritten stuff (apart from his autographs) from Bukowski to decide, and more so...
  7. horsewnoname, what else?

    Been an avid reader of Bukowski's stupendous and fortunately vast amount of work but there's still much to learn, so it was about time to get my PhD here. :wb: