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  1. gbsupbowl


    Any Widespread Panic fans here? Their tour kicks off tonight in the Dominican Republic with free streaming like all their shows have. Couch tour is great
  2. gbsupbowl

    Bukowski on Jeopardy

    Apparently there was a whole Bukowski column on Jeopardy the other day? I only heard about it and didnt see it, did anyone catch it?
  3. gbsupbowl

    Interesting book binding

    I've never seen a book like this before:
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    Question about Ecco editions

    If Ecco were to release new editions of such books like It Catches My Heart In Its Hands or Crucifix In A Deathhand, do you think people, or you, would buy them? I don't really know how well even his most popular poetry collections sell, so I wondered about those. And I know that the...
  5. gbsupbowl

    literature network top 100 books The list might look a little different if it was on the only forum that matters.
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    "Handmade POSTER for Bukowski's First Known Poetry Reading" I surfed upon this today and it had me wondering if it was real. Do you think its really from Bukowski's first reading and if so, do you think it is really worth that price? I'd have...
  7. gbsupbowl

    The Wormwood Review Vol. 26 No. 3 Issue 103 - 1986

    Just bought that for $6.77 and free shipping. I don't know how much it is worth, but seemed like a good deal to me. Is that the price that a later wormwood like this one normally goes for?
  8. gbsupbowl

    Wolfgang Carstens

    I've got a professor who said his poetry is pretty good. Any of you read any of it? Funny how the opinions about writers from those on this forum are more important to me than those of my professors.
  9. gbsupbowl

    the sea is my brother

    Long lost Kerouac book coming out. I'm happy to have some new Kerouac to read, never thought it would happen. Anyone else excited for it?
  10. gbsupbowl

    Horse Race Analyzer Bukowski ever mention one of these?
  11. gbsupbowl

    Kerouac Art

    I was reading Beatific Soul: Jack Kerouac on the Road and this painting by Kerouac struck me as very similar to some of Bukowski's paintings. Just thought it was interesting.
  12. gbsupbowl

    Widespread Panic

    Any WSP fans here? Three nights in Milwaukee this weekend is going to be awesome.
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    Hello and Thank you

    I've been reading this forum and using this site for a few years now and just decided to make an account so I could join in on the fun. I've enjoyed reading what people have posted, I like the arguments people have with each other and I like the overall knowledge people seem to have about...